Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

February 12, 2011

~ * Hopelessly Devoted * ~ *

To You

Do you ever feel like this about your beloved?
If you do.. then this is the post for you
because it is a list of ideas for ~

* ~   Romancing Your Valentine! ~ *

Take a map (your town, city, state, or U.S.) and put hearts
on all the special places that are significant to your romance.
First date, kiss, vacation, where you first met...

Melt some milk chocolate kisses or candy bar in a microwave
or sauce pan, dip strawberries in ~ voile!

Prepare your Valentine's most favorite meal.

Hide a surprise gift under his or her pillow.

Bake brownies, use a heart shaped cookie cutter
to cut out the brownies, add ice cream and
some sprinkles!

Create an "I love you box"
Taking a small box, add strips of paper
handwritten with things you love about them.

I would love to hear your ideas
for showering those around you
with I love yous!

Which is your favorite ~
or which ones do you think
I am going to do?

Have a very wonderful Valentine's Day Friends!
* Katie *


dulcy said...

Darling post Katie! Love the raining hearts. Hope your nose is much better.

Relyn said...

This is a marvelous post. I think you are going to do them all. Your big, full, loving heart will have you going and going and going.

Suz said...

Oh, my yes, Katie. I am hopelessly devoted to Jud. Thirty-seven years. I never imagined I would even have the capability to love someone that long but he is a dear, dear man.

I got him a sack of the best chocolates I could find. They are just for him. No one is allowed in his stash. After I got them, I found out that he will be diabetic if he indeed, qualifies for surgery (our prayer). Our minister was there when I thought of this. She has a brother who has been diabetic since the age of six and she said, "Even diabetics can have treats every once in awhile if they are careful!"

My biggest treat...having him here beside me!

Thank you so much for the angel, Katie. I was so thrilled. You will be getting a thank you note but I am a little slow these days!

Love and hugs,

Scrappy Grams said...

I'm left with strong memories of the subject of my devotion. I love the hearts dripping down the page. It made me smile. :D

alveen said...

Here in Australia Valentine's day was today. Chocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast (along with porridge for THE MAN, ugh!) out to lunch at a favourite restaurant, dinner was fresh fruit salad with home made icecream (too full after lunch for anything else).
Katie please visit my OWOH post if you have time. It was your post last year that made me determined to be a giver this year.

Patti said...

Oh Kate, what fabulous ideas!! The year after we were married, living in my husband's TINY bachelor pad:), I woke up an hour after he'd gone to work and when I opened the door I was surrounded by hundreds of huge paper hearts that he'd cut out and taped on every available surface... ahhh, maybe nothing that extravagant but you've got my creativity stirred.
I hope you have as wonderful a day as you deserve, i.e, the BEST!

~*~Patty S said...

so enjoyed your beautiful Love Story with your precious Mark...you two are wonderful together

I am lucky too that every day is Valentine's Day with my beloved Mr Magpie


Jeanie said...

I have a feeling if you don't do all of those things, you did most! (And love that Audrey photo!)

Each year I make Rick a poetry year book with photos or drawings representing our year. It's always one of my favorite things -- and his too! (And of course heart-shaped anything that one can cook!)