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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

November 14, 2010

*~ Sharing Some Favorite Things

There are things in my 
that just makes me happy
when I look upon

~ Here are just a few...

In my bedroom

The living room..

In the entry way

Near my dining room

living room alcove..

My kitchen...

guest bath..

 Inspiration board in my studio

Maybe you recognized 
some favorite artist works
here and there...

in your home
delights your soul

tickles your fancy?

I would love it if you would share.


~ Katie


~*~Patty S said...

ooo a very lovely post dear Katie
... so many things inspire me again and again ... life is beautiful and so full...isn't it

Happy Sunday Dear One!

Joanna said...

Hi Katie, no wonder you smile at those sweeties!

What in my home makes me smile? A plastic lobster that holds the shower room door open. On the stairs, a basket of small knitted toys (mostly intercepted on their way to the charity shop bin). In the sitting room, photos of my children - but one in particular taken 10 years ago in which their little personalities shine out. In my bedroom, a small felt heart made for me by my daughter, scratchity stitching and all. A twiggy heart on the shed door. And finally on the dresser in the dining room, the sweet 'friends' hanger you made for me when I was dealing with a particularly dark time in my life - it was a ray of sunshine and helped me through. It's so precious to me.

Have a lovely week, my friend.


Patti said...

wow, I can see why they are favorite things - such beauty throughout the house! (it also looked pretty clean:)
I guess I spend too much time looking at the hundreds of things - organization, paint, repairs, etc. that need to be done that I don't take enough time to appreciate the 'sights' so THANKS!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I so enjoy your posts. All of the pictures are just lovely! I like the ceramic piece that is holding some kitchen gadgets!

Marva said...

Hey Katie! Love all your inspiration! I had to pack all mine away until we sell the house and move... Marva

Patti said...

What a fun post and cache of treasures you have! I love all my handmade things that my dad made and all the antique furniture that reminds me of my family. I also love my photos of Molly through the years. I love the idea of an inspiration board! Thanks for sharing ...

Suz said...

What delightful things. I love your collage...I'll bet you made that! I missed having you at Silver Bella. Last year, I knew who you were. This year I knew you. I had a great time but I am just exhausted. I am sure that sounds familiar!!!

Relyn said...

You have the most wonderful treasures throughout your home. I always love to go poking around. There is always so much to see that delights the eye. Your classroom is the same way.

My own favorite things? Art from friends like you * all my wonderful glass * the colors of all my walls * all our books * Jim's picture of Sloane that Dulcy game me one birthday * all my old journals *

So much to love.

Lettie said...

your home is as attractive as your blog page...love the look of both.
i have favorite things everywhere also...
but i need help getting my blog page to look as great as yours...might seek your advice!