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November 24, 2010

~ Sweet Gratitude ~**

I have a Thankful Heart

Last weekend a friend told me a
sweet story about her son,
a second grade child,
who noticed a classmate wasn't wearing
a coat, 
when asked, 
he discovered
that the little boy didn't even
own a coat.  His little heart couldn't
stand it seeing his classmate suffer
during the southern MO cold snap
so he took off his and gave him his coat.
 "Here you can have my coat, 
I have another one at home."

As it was a new coat
the mom didn't know whether to be
angry or delighted.
She soon chose the latter.


I have so many 
in my closet,
and other things too.
I pray to have a thankful heart
for all the graces in my life.
One thing I can't buy is 
an open heart like
this dear young second grader.

 I pray your heart 
will be full this season 
with many good things,
and that you will be 
blessed to be a
blessing to others.

With a Grateful Heart,



Patti said...

Hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderfully abundant and blessed one!!! Enjoy~~

Relyn said...

You have me crying here, my friend. I love this. Love it! And I love you.

~*~Patty S said...

oh the innocence and purity of heart in children....that is a precious story Katie...thank you so much for sharing it

May you and your family be blessed many times over for all the goodness that you send out and share with others

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Dear One...I am so grateful we've meet here in blogland!

Joanna said...

A beautiful post, Katie. You have a huge heart, girl!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

What a sweet and caring little boy!

dulcy said...

I'm thankful that we're working together today at the Children's Store! See you soon!

TamboinMO said...


Lovey said...

tearful me...precious....