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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

July 26, 2008

Why ThE ChiCkeN diDn't MaKe iT aCroSs ThE rOad!

Dear Friends,
An update on my
Heart and Art!
It has been hectic and charotic
in my household lately ~
But that's LiFe, huH?
Please excuse my lengthy absence
from the computer and blogland.
On our way home from Florida
we hit a chicken crossing the road.
Not only did we drive into West Plains
with gray feathers stuck in our wiper
blades and antenna, but when we stopped
to get out to stretch and eat
we discovered that the chicken had put
a huge dent in our hood.
We arrived home to a leak coming from our
upstairs shower. We had 4 holes knocked out
in our kitchen ceiling for the plumbers
to try and locate the leak.
Put all the above with my car search
(before teacher meetings start up again,
way too soon) and you have a recipe for
not much time at the computer!
All of the above are in very stages of
getting fixed and done now. So I am here
to share pictures from what I have been
doing (in above post)that is more interesting
than all of the above.
Fairy Girl Bird Box Winner
is Patti from Altered Attic!
So friends I leave you with these words ~
(from Carly Simon's Into White CD
comments,upon discovering a new song)
"I just made some french toast and
understood it was all over.
Life would never be the same.
... Life Is Good." carly simon
(so if you see a pearlized blue Honda Accord
Coupe (couldn't find another CRV I liked)
and these words are on the back of it ~
It just might be me!


Patti said...

I was reading along, thinking, man, when it rains (chickens) the feathers really fly! I, too, have been consumed with necessary, albeit non-creative matters; started thinking up a commiseration comment and got to the part at the end... and read that I won a Fairy Girl Bird Box?
I'm amazed that, in the midst of your own dilemmas, you are able to be an angel to someone who really needs one.
And the weird thing is, a bird flew into our windshield the other day; no damage but it stuck and we had to stare at it until we reached our destination!
Sending blessings back your way,

janw said...

Glad you're home but sorry about the chicken (& you & Mark) and what you encountered on your arrival home. Don't you sometimes just want things to work out normal (like you're certain they do for everyone else). Wrong!! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Also, Mike has missed seeing Mark in the mornings. Hope to see you soon. Jan

jenny fowler said...

lol, sorry you are such a busy pants lately and that you hit a chicken. (chicken? a chicken?!) did you get your leak fixed? well anyways, glad you are back and sorry school starts up again soon. you teachers need more summer! :)