Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

July 26, 2008

~** Packing Up The Summer!**~

Dear Friends ~
Back Home and enjoying
the last free days
of my summer.
I had a girl's day out
with Relyn on Friday, tea with Dulcy on Sat.,
and today Jaclyn took me out
to lunch and we made sailor
stick people for her nautical themed
Kindergarten classroom.
I have been drinking too much
McAlister's sweet tea and
have watched Dan in Real Life
too many times.
At night I have been staying up
late and reading lots.
I just finished The Sugar Queen.
My beach combing creations for Annie
my swap partner in the By the Sea Swap.
My 4 inch collage I created for Annie
using some of my beach finds.
My keepsake box
to hold the swap items
ready for its final touches.
A journal I made for a new
friend from Swap Bot.

Inside back cover
Front and back cover
of the journal.

Dulcy's beautiful flowers
in the heat of summer.
~ I am convinced
she lives in a land of enchantment.

A few last scenes from vacation.

The beach between my toes
is a fun memory...

Sometimes I wish I could run up
the steps of our vacation place
one more time...
... But then I think about starting
a new year with the kiddos
and I get excited to begin again.

Mark on the last evening of vacation
on the beach in the moonlight.
A favorite of mine and a good way
to end this post.
Blessings Friends!


Patti said...

love the journal and the box with the heart! (first photo) Is that part of your By the Sea Swap?


p.s. can you watch Dan in Real Life too many times??

Sam I Am said...

Oh what pretty treats for the eyes! I love your creations..very yummy!!
and didn't you just LOVE "Dan in real life"?? a great chick flick :)
love all of your pictures...

jenny fowler said...

i hope you are enjoying those last days... eek. your treasures that you made look awesome, your swap partner and friend will love them. glad you are getting some girl time in. i miss my girl friends so much. maybe that's why i like blogging so much!


Anonymous said...


would you please come to my house and decorate my quest room?! You are the most creative person I know!

Love ya,


Krista said...

I'm glad you had such a nice vacation (except for the coming home part, I guess). Summer goes so fast, doesn't it?

Dulcy said...

Love all your creations!!!!! Can't wait for our day trip!


Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for coming by my blog! dont ya just love the beach did ya see me in the water waving at ya from my little mermaid island haha.. great pics!! hugs


Jeannene said...

Love your work. I found you through Jenny's blog she would be the 3rd comment down from the top.


Diana Lyn said...

Hi Hun, Have missed you, but we all get so busy during the summer, plus I started a new job! Love your box of the sea! Your Vacation looked wonderful I love going to the beach, In fact I just got back with my girls! Stop by for tea sometime! Xo Diana Lyn

crooked heart art~tabby said...

oh what a wonderful blog you have!!
your art is fantastic and you make me long for the ocean with your vacation pix ;)
if rssfeed will ever let me back in i have to add you to the blogs i read!!
thanks for stopping by mine
enjoy your day and watch out for those chickens-rotfl-!!!


Hi and Thanks for visiting me. Nothing like whip cream :) Did you know there is chocolate whip cream in the can, also VERY GOOD :)
Your alter art is very nice. I have a few cigar boxes that I want to alter, looking for suggesions!
Let's visit again, real soon.
Warmly, Deb

cuteartworld said...

Oh how lovely Florida is.lol And what cute little tootsy you have.Haha.. I am putting the finishing touches on your new ACEO card you won! Plus will be adding some special goodies to your package as well!
Thank you so much!
hugging You My friend!

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Katie, I left you something! Go see my blog! XO Diana Lyn

Angela Harris said...

What an amazing package you put together for the beachcombing swap! I LOVE dan in real life! I'm having my 100th post giveaways come visit me.