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August 5, 2008

~* MoRe * LoVeLy * DiScoVeRys *~

More lovely discoveries ~
A western themed Tea Room next to Leola's
I am always in the mood to go next door
for a shopping trip to Leola's
(each time I go, things are changed
so there are always new things to dream about)
I thought this vanity set was lovely.


I found this used Kate Greenaway book
at a used bookstore. So I dolled it up
as a present for a friend.

Close up of the tag

Little girl in a window at the Art Walk
throw faux snow up in the air
while twirling and laughing.

More Leola's

I just love this blue green color
with the red, How about you?

I could take a summer nap on
this chaise lounge.
Tag hanger I made for good friend Betsy
My Thrift Store 8 Swap Package
ready to send to Kelly on 8-8-08

Bird box wrapped and tagged
ready to send to Patti of the Altered Attic blog.

When you find cat hair on my packages~
She is the culprit ~
Sophie thinks I have done all of
this just for her!
I will write again soon!


jenny fowler said...

what lovely pictures and goodies you made. it looks like you have been busy. i was wondering what was up with you! now i know. hope you are having a nice weekend!

summersundays-jw said...

I love all your pictures. You always make Leola's look so good. Thanks! Also, thanks for the entry on my blog. The writing has turned out to be really fun -- it's the time to do it that's hard come by. Have a great weekend. Jan

Dulcy said...

That little Sofie! What a cutie pie! Love your Leola's pics.! See ya Monday......xox

Debra said...

Hi Katie, well, now I know for sure that we are kindred spirits. Sophie is a darling. I have had several black cats in my life.(since age 4) All appropriately named "Blackie". (many name variations on that theme) My kitty now is 16, but still sweet and feisty.
We have missed your posts, but knew you were preparing for school. Have a great year! Hope to see you at the Fall Open House at Leolas.
p.s. my treasured name hanger is in my kitchen above my desk so I can enjoy it every day! thankyou again for the blessing.

Lucy said...

Don't you just love stores like this? They are always such fun to visit!! Inspiration everywhere you turn.

Love all your goodies you made this week--I can vouch for how delightful your creations are!!



Relyn said...

Oh! I can feel another date coming on.