Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

June 20, 2008


Dear Friends,

My 3 most favorite stamps
next to my swirls and flourishes.

I finally finished Relyn's Gift Box
that I have been working on
since April.
I had to get it just right and was missing
that extra special touch until
I got inspired
with an image from

Some of the goodies I am putting inside.
This is a picture of the box
almost done....
but needing a few extra touches.
Along the way to finishing Relyn's box,
I made this little broken winged gal.
Her wings are from an old hymnal (flea Mkt. find)
and the paper was so delicate that I tore her wing,
so notice on the right side there is a repair,
but I still love her.
I have been loving using this PID image
to create, her name is Grace.
Another experiment using a ragamuffin image
(from a vintage postcard).

Here is a picture of the finished box
It is filled with even more goodies and I cannot
wait to give it to Relyn.


Here is something fun my high school friend
Beth sent to me. I tried it and found out that
my song fits me well! Thanks Beth for sharing!

*~Do you want to know what the number 1 song~*
was when you were born?
Click here or on the title to this post and find out!!!
~**Many Blessings this Weekend!**~


Dulcy said...

She's going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!


Angie Hall Haviland said...

BEAUTIFUL Box and ART Katie!!

fairey mel said...

wow Katie these are great!! I was hoping the box was coming to me!!

Lori Roberts said...

Katie! This is just too beautiful and I am sure that your friend will love it. You are a most thoughtful person to create this for her. No where could you buy such a perfect gift to keep a life time! Thank you for sharing this with us.

cuteartworld said...

Wow you have been busy! Katie These are so beautiful! I love the tag with the realistic fairy wings the best!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Breathtaking! Wish it were mine!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Hi Katie ~

LOVE your Box and all those Gorgeous Tags ~ especially the Fairy Wings!!

You and your artwork are such an inspiration to me ~ always enjoy visiting your Blog. So, I've nominated you for a Blogger Award on my Blog!!

Here's the link to see your Beautiful Award.


Bunny Blessings ~


janw said...

What a wonderful box of treasures. Your friend is a very lucky lady. Jan

fated follies studio said...

katie- sorry i've been absent, so busy. i'm glad you stopped by though and i'm glad i checked out your latest post because all the pictures i see are wonderful. relyn is going to love that box of goodies. your latest creations are great. i'm glad you are finding time for all the fun creative stuff!


Lucy said...

This is gorgeous!!! You have such a way with your assemblage of the photos and embellishments :)

Diana Lyn said...

How Beautiful, You are somethin!Very unique, and sweet. Big hugs and have a wonderful day! Diana Lyn

Relyn said...

Picture this, if you will.

I have been busy for a few days because we have a friend visiting from Finland. So, no visiting all my favorite blog-haunts. Today arrives and it is a slow day with lots of time for being a mousepotato.

My first stop of the morning is to see my darling friend Katie.

And, THIS is what I find. All I can say is OH MY!!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!


Love you. xoxoxox

Anna said...

ok.... beautiful box.... i really need to do something with the number one song.....on the day you were born thingy... my song was "I feel the earth move...carole king" how appropriate..... :)

you are awesome :)
xoxo- anna

Linda said...

Beautiful! What a lucky friend you have. I love the broken wing...that is a special touch actually.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Katie - These turned out so beautifully! Have a blessed weekend.

Angela Harris said...

These are absolutely my favorite stamps too I use them ALL the time!

Pat Winter said...

Lovely items. The broken winged girl is a keeper! I loved seeing your creations. How fun!