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June 22, 2008

~*~Prayer Labyrinth~*~

Prayer Labyrinths

A prayer labyrinth is a series of lanes formulating
a path to the center of the structure and is used
to walk and take time to seek
commune with, and meditate on God.

One walks the labyrinth in prayerful silence
listening to what God may be saying or

directing one to during the journey.
It is an outward visible act of faith

for one seeking an inward presence of God.

Dearest Friends,

On Sunday we went to,
Mystic Trace,
A Retreat Center snuggled into the rolling hills of
our Beautiful Ozarks.
While there we dedicated
Mark had helped with the construction
of the Labyrinth with both labor and prayers.
After the dedication we
were invited to walk the labyrinth in
in prayerful solitude & silence.
Before this day,
I did not know very much about Labyrinths.
after hearing an explanation about it,
seein it up close, and hearing testimony from
labyrinth prayers,
I am very intrigued.
I chose to walk the labyrinth that day.
Mainly because I never
want to miss an
opportunity to draw closer to God.
The trail leading to the Labyrinth, my mother is in the red polo shirt!
The walking around the intricate webbed walk ways
in deliberate prayer, I communed with God
over all the things that have happened recently as well
as the prayer needs for my small group,
Small Town's Young Life,
and for the needs and safety of others in my life.
Through slow, thoughtful, prayerful meditation,
I prayerfully shared with, thanked, and prayed with God
over all that is going on in my life.

The prayer Labyrinth at Mystic Trace where you are always

welcomed and invited to visit. I will even go with you if you'd like or

you can always go in spirit!

I left the Labyrinth filled with Peace, Gratitude, Hope
and Re-Newed Vision and strength.

It was just what I have been needing.
Who Knew? God Did!
May your walks this week
bring you closer than ever before
to our Loving, creating, and Creative God.

B l e s s i n g s ~ F r i e n d s


Lucy said...

I never really knew what a prayer labyrinth was until this post. It truly seems like it would be and was a spiritual journey for you. Love the photos you've chosen to illustrate they experience.

cuteartworld said...

Yes the pictures are really beautiful! I love this whole post as well as the Ozark Mountains. I have been to Sparta and also in the Ozarks town called Oceola. Such lovely serene peaceful place!

Anna said...

sooo cool katie - good for mark and you :)
thanks 4 the coupon

janw said...

This looks like a wonderful place to go to speak to God in silence. So often when I'm trying to pray my mind tends to drift -- too much going on. Where is this quiet place?

Nathalie Thompson said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Thanks for posting about it! Ooo, ooo. Since I have altered book son the brain... a prayer labyrinth would be a cool subject for an altered book! The book would BE the labyrinth! (off to my studio to research and start planning...)

cuteartworld said...

Hi Katie there are fairies in your lily pond! When you get time stop in and see what I did with your lily pond picture.

TamboinMO said...

I'd never heard of a prayer labyrinth, but what a special place.

Sam I Am said...

what a beautiful place..
i think we all need to build a labyrinth in our backyards :)

BellaMental said...