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December 9, 2012

The Face of A Homeless Woman

The Face of The Homeless Woman

is not something you would expect, 
in fact it would surprise you.

During the season of Thanksgiving,
my family wanted to give back.
So we volunteered to take the shift
of one of the regular volunteers
at our Safe To Sleep ministry
here in the Ozarks.

As the date grew closer,
my apprehension deepen,
What were we getting into?
What would happen during this one night?
Would there be a crisis
we couldn't control?
A need we couldn't meet?
Something big that we
couldn't handle?
What would these women 
be like?
Look like?

Then we were told that our 
overnight services
were not needed.
But could we bring pizza
for supper and then
just sit and visit with 
the ladies?

Oh Yes! We could definitely 
do that!

What I experienced was a room full
of sisters.  Women like me who had
just experienced a tough break
(or 2 or maybe more),
a change in their plans.

Women who took pride in their
appearance, checked out library books,
showed me pictures of their family.

I felt as if I couldn't do enough.

And reflecting upon it now,
I want to go back and
do more on a regular basis.

If you live near the Springfield area
and would be interested in
teaming with me
to take dinner
to this group
ever so often.

Just let me know.
Blessings and Love,

Safe to sleep is service provided by the Council of Churches of the Ozarks. It provides safe "bed spaces" for homeless women. It is a ministry housed in local churches who take on the ministry for a couple of months in a regular rotation.  Snacks, light meal, showers, and a breakfast are also provided. I am so thankful for the Churches who have taken this ministry under their building wings.


~*~Patty S said...

thank you for this thoughtful and heartfelt post dear Katie...you inspire me again and again

kindness is a great teacher

summersundays-jw said...

Loved this post too. I would be happy to help you. Just let me know when. I've missed your posts. Jan

dulcy said...

Lets do it!


ShabbySheep said...

Katie, Your story is heartwarming. I also volunteer. At Lorraine's Thrift Store, which is for The Kitchen. I asked one of my closest friends to go on Thanksgiving day to The Missouri Hotel and help serve the holiday meal. I guess I am used to seeing the homeless. She, however was not. We were asked by a lady who came in the door if we could make a plate of food for a woman who was on the street, in the cold, and hungry. We made her up a plate and carried it down a few doors to her. She and her little dog were huddled up in a doorway of a business. Trying to cover her head and her little doggy with her coat. If you remember, it was Very cold and windy on Thanksgiving. The lady offered the food to her dog before she ate any! My friend, who has Never seen anything like this, just completely broke down and sobbed. I had to take her away from the lady and sit her down on the curb and try to comfort her. The woman who had come and asked for the food was also homeless and lives at The Missouri Hotel. This woman couldn't get housing there for the night because she had a dog. The woman on the street had just been kicked out of her house by some Awful Man. We will never know what her living conditions were before, but at least she had a roof over her head. The "helper woman" tried to comfort my friend and tell her that this is what goes on in our city Every Day. We just don't know what goes on outside our comfortable little lives. I hope everyone who reads your blog will try to find some time and/or money to help such people.
At Lorraine's you can donate household items that go directly to people who are just moving out of the Hotel and setting up housekeeping. Dishes, pots and pans, blankets. ANYTHING that you and I take for granted in our everyday lives. Also the accept makeup, hair products, nail polish. Again, the stuff we have pouring out of our bathroom cabinets. Think of how many new mascaras or hairspray we've tried and didn't like. Please take it to Lorraine's for these women and children. Diapers, baby clothes, blankets are needed too. And we can't forget the men. They can use vouchers and go to Lorraines for boots and shoes. Also across the street is Maggie's boutique which has all the clothing. Womens, mens, and childrens. The people that live in the hotel get vouchers for so many shirts, pants, shoes, etc. every so often. I tried to buy a pair of boots for a girl when she didn't have any more vouchers, but Sister Cecelia wouldn't let me. She said she could tell that I would want to buy shoes for Everyone who came in the door and it's just not possible.
I hope you have a great holiday season and bless you and Mark for giving of yourselves. Feels good, doesn't it?
xo, Sheri

Relyn Lawson said...

She us stunningly beautiful. And, oh - I do love your heart!