Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

September 24, 2011

~Where's Katie?

I tried to lift my pen and
write some inspiring words to you,
but after 5 minutes, I set it down 
and instead clicked and copied
my favorite reads from this morning.

I have lots of things in my heart to share 
with you,
just not right now.

So I hope these posts bring to you as 
much joy and inspiration,
as they have me.

My Favorite Posts From This Week ~

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Relyn's "Why Don't You List"
and don't forget to wish her a belated
Happy Birthday (she had one on Friday)

And who doesn't want an early
September Christmas Gift?

Ann's thought provoking post
on being still ~

These wonderful photos,
sprinkled throughout this post,
are from
Leolas Fall Open House
(Ozark, MO ~ right behind Lamberts restaurant)

I am sorry friends
that I have been missing
posting regularly...

It is just that my life is a little bit
unsettling at the moment..

Beginning my last year of teaching
at my soon to be changed
beloved school
(I will still teach in the same school district,
but my school is being transformed
into another type of school
and my heart is and always has been
determined to work with predominantly
Title One children)

Dealing with changes,
supporting my DH and friends
who are going through difficult and in some cases,
life altering changes,

leaves me so little time to indulged in
my blogging hobby

I will return within the month

Until then my friends,
I wish you sweet Autumn Blessings,

I have turned off comments as I felt so badly that I was unable to respond to each and everyone of them,  I will still be visiting you, and I will still have comments on my studio blog and will post new pictures and postings as I return to having more time to create.  Thanks for being there for me, I have appreciated your personal emails to me.  Finally... if you look closely at the photos you may find me and my sweet friend Krista, who teaches with me in one of them!  This is where the playful post tile comes from.