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July 15, 2011

*~ So far...

My most favorite Summer Photos

Our anniversary gift to each other
created by artist Liz McCombs

Meeting up with good friends from our 
our own little town!
Destin Sunset

Mark setting up for our picnic in the Mountains

Our last day in the mountains...

Cooling off in Boulder Market Place
(I really did wish to jump right in!!)

Look in the mirrors ~ you'll see both of us!

My favorite new drink ~
lavender lemonade

What is your favorite 
summertime drink?

Hope your summer is going fabulous!
Many Blessings,



Joanna said...

Wonderful photos, happy memories for you both. I'm lovin' 'stronger than ever', really beautiful artwork and so meaningful.

Lavender lemonade sounds delicious and looks pretty too. My favourite summertime drink? Pimms. I don't know if you have it in USA, it's a very British drink, alcoholic, mixed with lemonade and served with fruit in it (like strawberries, raspberries) and also cucumber, celery and mint. Sounds bizarre? Yes, I guess it is, but it's delicious!

We break up from school next Friday for a 6 week holiday, and I. can't. wait.!!!!


Dorthe said...

Hi dear, you have surely enjoyed summer, I can tell, --such wonderful photoes- and the drink looks so delicius and pretty...
If I am totally on wacation, and afternoon free- I love a Campari soda :)
Week-end hugs, and blessings.

~*~Patty S said...

such lovely photos dear Katie..they tell a sweet story and your Lavender Lemonade is the perfect topping...Lavender anything/everything always speaks to me
I just had a lovey espresso drink with hazelnut gelato...the name is fun too: affogato :)

Lynn Stevens said...

What wonderful photos, looks like your having the time of your life this summer. lavender lemonade sounds yummy, and I think I would have had to run through the water just once! LOL
hugs Lynn

Jon Lee said...

I love the pictures. Isn't summertime the best? What is the lavender lemonaid? I've never heard of it.

Suz said...

Oh, Katie-girl,
That was a wonderful treat. I have been looking for something very special for Jud and me for our anniversary and love what you gave to each other. It would certainly fit us but Jud might have a problem with another angel image as our house is full of them...I cannot stop!!!

Your pictures convey such joy, rest, love, friends, children...the things I care about the most. You really captured them well!!!

I am enjoying and struggling through the Ragmuffin Gospel, drying to dispel some old beliefs that get in the way of my faith. I think of you all of you time when I read it.

Sending you much love, dear Katie!!!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Your photographs certainly encapsulate summer.
Such a special anniversary gift.
I would so love to sip that lavender lemonade, how delicious.
Thank You for sharing your beautiful summer memories with us.

bad penny said...

lovely lovely lovely lovely !!!

Jo said it.. Pimms.
I was in the supermarket & heard some ladies talking about whether cloudy lemonade ( which is very nice ) would go with Pimms. I caught their eyes & said, 'NO - you need clear lemonade!'
We had a giggle.
Pimms + lemonade + ice + chopped fruit/cucumber/mint garnish = aaahhh !

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Katie,
such beautiful photos,love the Sunset and the lavender lemonade sounds delicious.My favourite summertime drink is peach tea.
Have a wonderful week.
Sending hugs,

dulcy said...

Wonderful summer memories Katie. I want that lovely bicycle! I'll have to try the lavender lemonade, I've been drinking blackberry lemonade and loving it.... Well, out to do the never-ending watering of flowers. Something came up on the deck yesterday and completely devoured my sweet potato vines! They were just gorgeous, and POOF, gone! Let's try for a cold drink together this week (if you can get away). xoxo

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely images and memories of summer! We took many family vacations to Colorado when I was growing up and did a lot of hiking. My parents had property in Estes Park and were going to retire there but they divorced after 21 years of marriage. :/ Haven't tried lavender lemonade -- but here we can get mint lemonade which is absolutely delicious on a hot day. I'm thinking I might like Pimms too. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

Lovey said...

Sa-weet! Nice vacation!!! My favorite summertime drink is Raspberry Lemonade!! Yum!

Relyn said...

an icy cold coke in an icy cold glass

Melinda Cornish said...

I love these pictures too! lavender lemonade sounds wonderful....I like lemonade with fresh rasberries....yum!
I love the art piece that you got for each other...Is it big or really small? It is the best....