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April 9, 2011

Living In This Moment ~

been reading this

it has made me so
for the moments
I am experiencing in my life 
right now.

Photographing Spring!

Doing things that makes you
feel like a child again!
(50's Day and Dance at the school where I teach)

(remember Moon pies?)

Receiving a text with an "I love U" at the end.

Sweet Earth Mother who spills forth 
during this time of the year!

(Our Japanese Stroll Garden last weekend)

Spending time with a dear friend
you haven't seen in a Long time.

Putting on your spring clothes
and finding wiggle room.

Finding an extra hour to
read your book, create, nap,
plant, take a walk, or
enjoying life!

Enchanting blog posts like these:
Raven Moon Magic

Finding old things long forgotten

now new once more

(I found some old images I had collected long ago,
and saved on a drive. Now I am sharing them
with you to use in your art if you want to..)

So my beautiful blog readers,

What is on your
these days?

Spring Blessings,
~ Ragamuffin Gal

Each week I am writing 10 things that I am thankful for until I get to 1000.


Suz said...

Hi, Katie!
I am so thankful that Jud is feeling good right now...at least in the off-chemo weeks. He has a fun day, watching golf on TV with a friend, hanging out with our daughter and talking with family and friends. I am also thankful that I am doing better at living in the moment and not worrying so much about that future. Trust me, Katie, I have to ask for help each and every day!
i am fascinated with the word "Eucharisteo" (did I get that right?). Probably from "Eucharist"...does that mean "thankful" also?
Love this post, Katie. Love the picture of you and your students!!!

khess136 said...

Thank you, Katie for sharing these beautiful moments!
I'm thankful for the blessed much-needed all day rain we're having in the desert; new friends I've made in bloglandia- the magnificent roses in our garden-hearing my muse every day (even tho some days she whispers and I have to listen harder) Lenten fish Fridays so I'm reminded why I sacrifice - my beloved husband who never stops thrilling in my work, cheering me on, and teasing me when I need to be brought down to Earth - the opportunity to swap art with new friends....just to name a few {wink}

Sherry Smyth said...

Beautiful post, beautiful moments..I am photographing spring as it unfolds, and reading and writing and just living in each and every moment!

~*~Patty S said...

so lovely of you to share so many beautiful and sacred moments in your sweet life dear Katie...what a lovely post...yet again!

my heart is overflowing with gratitude ...
bluebell bliss and a chance to commune with nature on forest walks with my beloved ...
warm chats with our younges son soon to graduate from VA Tech ... an exciting trip coming up...
OK enough about me...
I am SO very grateful to be able to connect to dear sweet cherubs like you!
Happy April
Happy Spring
Happy Happy Everything
(that is SO much fun to say)

suziqu's thread works said...

Such a beautiful post Katie! Living in this moment is ALL we have and it is precious! My little offerring is a giveaway gift to all my new and old followers who love me enough to leave a sweet comment every now and then. How generous is that when you expect nothing but the chance to share something which someone might just appreciate!
Spring is no longer around the corner for you it is already here!

Enjoy this precious moment.
Hugs, Suzy

dulcy said...

Love the photos Katie! And the book looks very interesting (gorgeous cover). Enjoy our beautiful Sunday!


stampdiva said...

Hi Katie
Well I am thankful for arty friends such as yourself who take the time out to visit and comment on my Blog.
I keep a Gratitude Journal (blame Oprah!)which always reminds me, especially looking back at previous entries of all I have to be thankful for.
More thanks as I say thank you for the images, I adore them.
Have a wonderful week.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Katie -- I love this post because it so reflects something I do every day. Long ago I read "Simple Abundance" and she encouraged doing a gratitude journal. While I don't always write it down every day, I don't go to sleep at night until I've been grateful for at least five things. Today, I'm grateful its a family birthday and tonight we'll be with both the kids, girlfriends and together. I'm grateful that there is something I can to do extend the quality of the Gypsy's life -- and that he'll let me with good grace. I'm grateful that for the first day in probably eight months it is supposed to be 70 degrees and the sun is out, too! I'm grateful that after a week of sickies I'm back in gear! I'm grateful to finally catch up on blog reading! And of course I'm so very thankful for being surrounded by so many good people. They make me smile.

What a wonderful post to learn of your Echaristeos. Thanks for that and for introducing me to a new word, too!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that term before so the term "you can teach an old dog new tricks" seems to apply here!

Your post today is inspiring, too. I try to be grateful daily for the things or persons in my life. Right before I read it, I was outside feeding the birds...and I DO believe that THEY are thankful that I gave them fresh water and lots of seeds!

There are so many ~ my husband and best friend, birds (of course), nature, blue skies, art, books, friends (in person or blogland), places that we've seen or those that are on the horizon, dogs, sweet babies ~ the list goes on.

Thank you for the inspiration, the lovely photos you shared, and the look into your life.

Thankful hugs,

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks for this post -- I needed it. I was feeling sorry for myself because I was exhausted from working in the yard. Now I look out at my beautiful back yard & I'm so grateful for it & everything that is bursting forth. The birds are enjoying the bird bath I just filled & the squirrels are chasing each other. I'm also grateful for family that I spent last evening with & laughed our heads off. And for g'kids, & daughter & SIL who bring me so much joy. And I'm so grateful for good friends like you that never fail to bring me joy. I'm going to get your book to read. Have a great week. Jan

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Katie,
such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these with us.I'm grateful we met in Blogland.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs my friend,

Mrs. E said...

I am now hunting for that book! AND... I may have to join you on your 10 things a week. That just makes me happy! Do you mind if I join you?
PS. You look adorable in leather!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That book looks like something I nened to get. I am on a mission each and every day to be grateful. At times it is so easy to get humdrum and in the dumps about things but when you consider what we have as compared to others who have it so much harder or worse or who have nothing at all, we have to remember how blessed we truly are. The petty little problems of the day are nothing compared to the plight of others and I do my best to remember that. I try to find joy in the simplest of things. Eucharisteo -- haven't heard that before. Manifesto means to state what your intentions are. Eucharisteo is stating what you are grateful for. Love both those ideas. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world and giving me a little something to think about. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Thanks Katie for sharing! What a beautiful post. I like the point about putting on spring clothes and finding wiggle room. Mine is putting on spring clothes and they actually fit and don't split off! Have a fabulous week!

Lynn Stevens said...

Katie, you really are living your life to the fullest! Sometimes we forget all we have to be greatful for. Thank you for the reminder.

I'm spending the last precious days with my son before he leaves for the military. Catching up on some art and tying up loose ends before yet another surgery. Also Waiting for the warmer weather to spend some time in my garden.
hugs Lynn

peggy aplSEEDS said...

that is a lovely word, eucharisteo. perhaps i will start my own list. truly there are so many things i am so thankful for.

Patti said...

Oh Katie!
What a beautiful post... love the list and the photos and your wonderful, creative ideas and approach to life!
btw, I sent a smilebox to you yesterday... did you see it?

Relyn said...

I love this post! A few of my blessings:

one of my best friends just had a birthday. ;^)

I have a marvelous student teacher.

I didn't lose very much information when my computer crashed.

All the dogwoods and red buds make me gasp.

Tarnished and Tattered said...

The chance to experience another beautiful spring with my sweet children & husband.
Camping last week just filled me with so much joy, can't explain really. I need to get that book, I've seen a couple people blog about it.

Lovey said...

Oh Katie...what a beautiful post! You are so humble and inspiring...I can hear it in your voice as I read. Love that about you...Have an awesome weekend...Thinking of you...Lovey

Mrs. E said...

I left you a shout out because I am copying you! http://erickfam.blogspot.com/2011/04/eucharisteo-list.html

Melinda Cornish said...

Blessings to you too Katie! I love this post...Especially all the things to do with Spring...I am ready for her!

Rella said...

Your post is beautiful. Gratitude is a beautiful tonic is this life we journey through. Thank you for reminding me of that. I have never heard that word before and I love, love, love, learning new words. Thank you for that. And the book...I shall look for it.

big hugs to you. xox Rella

Oxana said...

Beautiful post, Katie! Love your pictures!
Happy Easter1
Many hugs

Jeanie said...

I've been catching up and just read your post on Relyn's. Oh -- you are so right. We are kindred spirits in how we think and feel and see. We even share a special relationship with a grandmother who taught us so many things (in my case, the passion was cooking). And it was beautifully illustrated with your wonderful work as well. Loved it!