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March 27, 2011

*^~ For The Love of Fabric

When my dear Grandmother Pearl
(the one I spent time with and sat by and learned
 from ~ how to create something from near nothing)

passed from this life,
my mother, aunt, and I went to 
sort through and clean out 
a small part of her house at a time.  

When we came to the guest bedroom 
to open the dresser drawers, 
we found them filled,
 no stuffed,
 full of fabric!

My younger self could not begin
 to wrap my mind around
 how one person could
collect and accumulate 
such a wealth of fabric
over her lifetime?

... mystery solved ~

today as I stand in the middle
of my studio...

I see how... 
one can so easily surround
oneself with so much art materials
in hopes of using it all.

Oh.. I so hope I can use all of
these wonderful fibers and materials
into fun creations before my maker
call me home!!!

How about you???
What do you collect?
and what can be found in your
drawers and cubbies?

Blessings my friends,

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My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I know what it means to be a saver. I too have old textiles, hankies, lace, jewelry bits and things that will make wonderful projects when I have the nerve to use them. I think that sometimes I just like to have these treasures out where I can see them just for the sheer eye candy appeal.


Relyn said...

I love your studio. I always feel at peace and energized both when I am there. And that photo of your fabric is divine. As to what you'd find stuffed in my drawers - paper! Lots and lots of paper.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Katie what a sweet woman you are to link me in your post today -
thank you oh so kindly for that!
Your grandmother must have had a big heart like you! Sometimes I wonder if I will die with my shelves still full of gorgeous fabrics, beautiful doilies and linen, braids, buttons - I just adore all this "stuff" but I do use it too> I am trying to give my quilts away one by one to those I hold dear as I know I can't take them with me and what more pleasure can one girl give!
Have a wonderful day my friend,
Hugs Suzy

summersundays-jw said...

My workroom is a mess but I'm always working there & digging in it. I did not seem to inherit the organization gene. Jan

bad penny said...

How wonderful. My great Aunt was a hoarder & I received many bits & bobs. I love how you display your treasures xx

~*~Patty S said...

who better to rescue and honor your dear Grandmother Pearl's treasures dear Katie!

my stuff collections are growing since my sweet mother's passing ... I am drawn to so many "old" things...the ones with patina and stories to tell...some of them others might consider junk

lovely thoughtful and Loving post as always dear one

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Today, I'm leaving your blog open all day long as I want to return and peruse all those lovely side blog visits. I'm in need of some creative juice stimulation and Ragamuffin Gal supplies it.
Like you, I have much fabric, notions, sewing machines, etc. with which to make goodies. It pains me when people talk about getting rid of things; perhaps there are things worth getting rid of but I can't imagine what.
OH! used kitty litter. That's one thing but so much of my life and studio is crammed full of history and loved things to use that I can't imagine getting rid of things. Like Aunt Bonnie used to say, "it's not eating nor drinking a thing so it can stay." -smile.

Joanna said...

Love your display wall, Katie! Like you I always have many projects on the go and many more planned for the future. Will they all get done? I very much doubt it!

My poor children will inherit a heap of junk (treasure), I just hope they will see its inner beauty too.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Katie,
your studio looks just wonderful
and I love your fabric collage.
Mmmh, I have tons of paper,buttons,
lace, fabric,beads ,and so on. Too much but if you need the special something it's not there,lol.
Thanks for the link to me, that is so sweet of you.
Have a wonderful day.

dulcy said...

Having grown up with a mom that insisted we make our own clothes (out of necessity), lots of material and sewing notions was the norm. It's just how things were done then, and am I ever grateful to have learned so many skills from her, all of which I continue to use. I'm trying to keep all my supplies somewhat streamlined these days. I've given away what I'm pretty sure I don't need, and have gotten down to a wool cupboard, and my many boxes of pastels, books, easels, paper, and rug hooking frame. I love my sewing supplies and my dear old machine I bought used when I was 19. I recently had it tuned up, cleaned, and a general overhaul, and I use it all the time! My creative space can get really messy crazy, but I love to go out there, straighten it up, and just sit with a book and a cup of tea.... so peaceful.....

Patti said...

Oh I love the glimpses into your studio- it makes me yearn for an organized place like that in my world. My Aunt collects fabric- I get that! How wonderful that you are using her fabric as part of your creations. I collect all kinds of things- but love "old" things- that have personal memories or meaning to me. Wonderful post~~~

khess136 said...

OMG!! I'm still laughing at your comment for my blog!! Thanks so much for checking in, Katie...it means a lot to me. Your post this past week is esp. dear to me as I've just started creating "snippets" and went shopping for fabric at JoAnn's. It saddened my that all the wonderful scraps and remnants my mom had over the years, were gone...as she is too. I loved seeing the fabric and colors you posted! Thanks for making my day!

stampdiva said...

Katie, I so enjoyed reading about the collection of fabric. It also made me think to myself that in a family we are connected. Sometimes those connections may take time to appear, this is definitely the case for me as a child I didn't have a love for fabric or lace it was pencils/crayons/drawing but now in my early 40s I have fallen in love with fabric and vintage buttons and treasure any that belonged to family members who are no longer with us.
As for collections it probably has to be rubber stamps, especially Oxford Impressions stamps and slowly a collection of fabric and oh yes my overflowing button boxes!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
P.S. I adore your studio and would love to see more photographs.

Lovey said...

Oh Katie...I know the feeling! My collection of fabrics, lace and trims...and the rhinestone jewelry...just accumulates all the time. And now my sewing machines...well I have to collect them too! You are a dear to me. Thank you for your words of encouragement and friendship. I too was instantly connected to you when I first visited your blog. you are a blessing to me and a sweet friend. Much love and respect...Lovey

Tarnished and Tattered said...

I love your blog & yes, my studio looks similar. I always say after I'm gone my kids are going to have one heck of an estate sale & people will leave saying 'wow, what a hoarder that lady was'. LOL

Anonymous said...

So true but they are so beautiful and your creations use the fabric to the max ... absolutely adore your work my friend
hugs June x

Jeanie said...

Oh, dear -- Rick threatens me with a dumpster on an annual basis. Alas, one man's trash, another's treasure! I collect far too many things in every category -- all the art and creative things and books, and pretty things that make me smile. And I know I'll discover something new and wonderful. It's part of what makes the journey so darned much fun!

Melinda Cornish said...

anything can feel like a found treasure to me....It all depends on my mood but my favorite things are little....Little bits of lace, jewelry anything old.....