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May 1, 2010

~*2 Ladies & Junk Store ~**

There it was
out in a field
along the side of the road...

A little white house
surrounded by all sorts of...
well you know... junk!

But it teased me...
with a promise
of bygone treasures

just waiting for me

right beyond its door...

I love opening doors
and stepping inside
and taking new adventures.

How about you?

Are you crossing
any new thresholds?

I would love to hear about them.

Now for the reason
why I was in this quaint little town
to begin with....

I was at a language arts fair
in which I had entered some
of my student's art and writings.

While there I got a glimpse of
some up and coming new
artists ~ who are still in
grade school and high school.

I leave you this week with
some photos
of their art work!

Little Miss Muffet

Wired Dancer

Old Man and the Sea

Liar liar pants on fire

My class entry ~
A collage on Ruby Bridges
created by my after school Book Club


Linda said...

Love Little Miss Muffett!!! They are all amazing tho! What a great day.... I'm crossing new thresholds...with my foot bandaged. haha

summersundays-jw said...

I've been to this little shop before in Willard. what a treasure but you have to get there pretty early on Sat. I went to a sale in Republic that they hold just a couple times a year but it's great. Great artwork. Jan

TheEccentricLady said...

I want to visit that store! How inviting. The artist are special too! You never know where they may end up. I love encouraging young artist.

Jon Lee said...

I love Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. I have not been active on my blog for a while. I have started back up again. I wiped out my favorite places. I think I have re-entered them again. Please visit my blog if you have time.

Jo said...

What wonderful exciting artwork from the students - and is that a First Place ribbon I spy on your after school book club collage?! Congrats to you and your students, that collage has such an important message for the young (and not so young) people of this world. I adore the charity shops we have in the UK, you never know what you might find (although I'd much rather go through their bins and find what they think is rubbish, that's where my treasure will be!). When they were younger I dressed my family from charity shops out of necessity (no £'s), but now I honestly think I'd struggle to go into a regular high street clothes shop and find something to wear. I much prefer the eclectic style that I've developed over the years (and my style is often complemented so I can't look too odd!!). Other people's trash really is my treasure, and I think that's great.


Oxana said...

Hi Katie! So great store!
Just want to tell THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your comments in my blog! You are so kind to me!

Janet said...

That little junk store looks so interesting....and the artwork you shared is such fun. I love the wired dancer and the liar liar piece.

As for new thresholds, my hubby just retired so we're starting that whole new adventure!

Anna said...

Fantastic artwork!! Thanks for sharing - there certainly are up and comers out there in MO. My fav is the dancer!! - OK - liar liar pants on fire is pretty impressive too! You are the coolest teacher ever - you have an after school book club (wow) and to dedicate an art project to someone in this country who teaches us equality, tolerance and the ability to rise above!. Again, you astound me! Thank you Katie for being such a blessing. You are LOVED!!!!!! xo- amt

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Always inspiring to be around young creative people/kids. Thanks so much for sharing some of your adventures!

I am crossing the crazy square threshold. I have done wool and embroidery (we hookers have to stick together ;)) before, but not for a few years....so I am stretching myself, being sure all the paint is off my hands when I stitch :)

Jo said...

Just wanted to let you know my blog candy arrived safe and sound today!! Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful gift, and all the pictures and 'stuff' and everything - everything's so special and it's not even my birthday.

You're so kind, and I'll treasure the beautiful little hanger.


dulcy said...

Congrats to you and your very talented groups of first graders!!!! That little store looks pretty cute!

Jo said...

Ummmm, me again! I got your gorgeous blog candy on my blog today. Hopefully some peeps will come and see what you're all about.




sallypaper said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is fantastic! I love the mix of art and vintage pics. I'm adding you to my reader so I'll see you soon. Smiles, Sally

p.s. Liar,Liar pants on fire is great!

nikepar said...

Katie -

These are so awesome! They are all so unique. Lathem and I love to look for unique and funky artwork. This makes me smile!

Melinda Cornish said...

liar liar, is amazing! wow! I wouldve been drawn to that shop like a fly to a spider web too....I love the wreath on the door!

purplepaint said...

Oh how cool!!! But did you stop in the store? I was hoping for pictures! :)

Relyn said...

Where is this??? I wanna go!!