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July 4, 2009

~*JuLy 4th * FaMiLy ReUniOn 09*~

Niece Sadie
Nephew Duren

Nieces Sadie, Courtney, McCormack, and Nephew Chet

SIL Jeanne has a handful with 4 kiddos
but she does a beautiful job of mult-tasking.

Sweet SIL Bobbi and BIL Robt

Our family's "Grand Pooba" and wife ~
Ed and Marianne

Sam and Ivana's roses

A Great idea ~ all of the family's hand prints
on a canvas to remember this 2009 reunion.

Tomorrow we'll add our signatures

Me and Mark
My shirt says Full House
but it should say ~ Full Heart!
Wherever you find yourself this Holiday Weekend,
May YoU be BleSSed beyond measure!


common ground said...

Great family photos, the one on multi-tasking is too cute! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. E said...

I love the canvas with hand prints! And your comment about Full Heart--ditto that for me. Enjoy your family & your 4th, Katie!

Marie Reed said...

What wonderful fourth of July fun in the sun! The hand print idea is fabulous! I'm going to do that at our next family reunion!

Relyn said...

Full heart is right - your heart is always full of so much love. I'll miss you while I'm gone. Let's have one more date when I get back before school starts.

dulcy said...

Too fun! Wish I had enough family for a big reunion like that! Can't wait until we're both back from our travels and can get together for coffee and fun!


Linda said...

Great pictures...what fun! You and Mark are so cute!

Relyn said...

I am leaving tomorrow and so excited. But, truly, I am missing you already.