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June 30, 2009

~* Wishes for a Happy 4th!


*~*Happy Birthday America!*~

Dear Friends ~

This week I am grateful for our Country!

and I am showing my gratitude by paying

tribute to those bloggers in my life who

share the joys and the spirit

of American life!

Jan from Summer Sundays has been a

real inspiration to me with her blog

about her love of her family,

her store ~ Leolas

where you can purchase to own

a little piece of America's past.

(Leola was her mother's name and her

wonderful sisters are a part of it too!)

Sometimes Jan's family

invites us to share in and

be a part of her family.

And we'll claim hers as part of ours any day!

Mrs. E. from Easy Street blog

is one of my newest friends in blogland.

She and her blogs have captured my heart

as she skillfully writes about

her small town life,

in a town that is rebuilding itself

after a devastating disaster.

(that shows the American spirit in action)

Jerusalem from my little life blog

One of my first ever blog friends

writes about her family life,

feathering her nest, and building

a design business with American ingenuity.



May your Holiday week be blessed

with every joy!



Janet said...

Happy 4th to you! And thanks for the links. These are new to me and I always love finding new blogs.

David said...

I wish you a happy 4th, Katie. Your blog pictures always look so good. It kind of makes me want to change my blog colors to black. There's just something about black that really makes those photos pop.

summersundays-jw said...

You've been such and inspiration & support for me and for my family. We've been thru a lot together. You'll always be a member of our family. We're linked by memories. Much love and have a wonderful 4th. Jan

Anna said...

beautiful pics!! Great sentiments:) I hope to catch some good fireworks shots this year.... Have a blessed 4th - xo, anna

Sam I Am said...

Big hugs...

Mrs. E said...

Thanks for the mention, Katie! And Happy 4th!

Pam Aries said...

Thanks for sharing the sites! I love to meet new people. Hope you have a fun 4th!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Love the firecracker gals at top! Happy 4th to you too, Katie and I'll check out those blogs that inspire you (I'm always up for expanding my reading material! ;)

Patti said...

Hi Katie~ I love your pictures- they are just awesome!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Patti said...

Your love for life shows in every word, thought and photo. Thanks for sharing!

dulcy said...

Hi Katie!!

Love the pics.! Kitties doing fabulously....Little "outdoor girl" is extremely affectionate. Her little black and white pal was there yesterday evening. Hope you're having a fun and relaxing time (how could you not). Looking forward to our next get-together!

Relyn said...

That first one is the best image for the Fourth I've ever seen. Happy Fourth to you and Mark!