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June 15, 2009

** InSpiRaTion * EveRyWheRe **

** Dear Friends ~*
Summer is in full spring here in the Ozarks!
and inspiration abounds
What is currently on my work table...

Vera's beautiful flowers

A trip to Leolas always provides
plenty of inspiration.

I may have to go back for these ~
I just love them!

I love finding pictures in the things around me!

Having a partner who shares my
search for used books
vintage things, art, and
a life filled with joy
and laughter!

Have a great Week!


Mrs. E said...

Nostalgia! And you inspire me! Cute photo of the two of you, too!

David said...

Those flowers are really beautiful!

Wendy said...

I was just looking at your studio blog but couldn't comment there. Your studio looks great!

I need a good creative space like that. :)

Jerusalem said...

having a partner in vintage thrifting crime is a great blessing! hope you are enjoying your summer dear friend!

Relyn said...

This post makes me even more excited about Thursday.

Anna said...

fun fun katie :) Hubby and you are a great match :) I love your work table..... wish I could come play...... recd my LOVE book (currently writing an email... and soon a post... ) I LOVE it!! You are a GREAT inspiration to me. Thank You!! xo - anna

Nathalie Thompson said...

An inspiring post! Love what you have going on your desktop and Leola's looks like my kind of place to visit often!

Margaret said...

Hi Katie, lovely Blog you have here, another distraction for me!! I particularly like your collages, great style! Mx

Patti said...

Hi Katie~ Your studio table looks so wonderfully inviting...wish I could be there for Art Day. That sounds so fun! Enjoy the day and I hope you post pictures.

BTW- I grew up in the 60's and 70's too...:)- all of the 60's that is...

Relyn said...

i am getting ever more excited about our art date. Should we go to Leola's?

Marie Reed said...

Yeahhh! How fun to visit the shop with you my dear!

common ground said...

Hi Katie, I left a comment for you a day or two ago, but my computer was acting up a bit, so it may not have gone through. I just wanted to say "Hi", and let you know that I have started a new blog and that I had linked back to you. I always enjoy all your creativity.Come by for a visit when you can.
Debra (from Leolas)

Mrs. E said...

If you get a chance--drop by Easy Street tomorrow 6/20. Just a little mention on my Saturday post!

Marlene said...

I really enjoy looking at your mix media art..It makes me smile..Happy Art, I will be following your blog to make sure to see all your up and coming creations for inspiration! Marlene