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June 11, 2009

*HoW I SpEnt My SuMMer VaCaTioN*

Dear Friends!

One of my most favorite summer fun times is to

explore new flea Markets, camera in hand to find

random treasures (and I use the term treasure very loosely).

Here are a few finds from my last adventure ~

Can someone who acturally played this game tell me

how is this game played? And why the panic?

(Maybe the elephants are -

look at those contraptions rigged to their trunks?)

These were our mom's idea of a spa

a portable sauna. This one even had an animal fur thingie

draped over the back neck area ~ ooh the luxury of it all!

And last but not at all in the least is the

great great grandfather of the Ipod.

I feel a twist coming on!

Have a fabulous Friday!


Janet said...

Yikes! That sauna looks weird! I don't think I'd want to be shut up in that with only my head sticking out! But I do remember the great great grandfather of the Ipod!!

Linda said...

These are so great!!!! I love how you spend your summer vacation.

K. Hutson said...

Oh....I should go with you some time...how fun...
Just to look for random things....

Someday when I have a day off again (it's June, and busy in the children's min...)...I should try this....

Thanks for the happy today.
Thought of you this week and smiled - btw...

Sheri said...

Cool pics. A bit too old for me to remember though! Can you imagine relaxing in that contraption? Have a great weekend.

Relyn said...

Oh, I loved this post. Can you imagine being willing to sit in that thing?

OK. Really, really - let's make a date!

Anonymous said...

Peanut Panic reminds ME of HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO...a game my kids had! Talk about LOUD! Love your trip down memory lane!!! lol

Mrs. E said...

I have never seen that elephant thing! ?? The sauna would definitely scare me, but I think I would like a record player again. (I haven't been able to part with the vinyls of my childhood/teen years!) By the way, you're quite the water skier!! : )

dulcy said...

I simply love that old record player!

Hope to see you next week!



Patti said...

Hi Katie~ You found some fun stuff! I like the "spa" Wonder how oyu get out once you get in...or what if the latch stuck and you couldn't get out?....

And I agree with you...I wish we did live closer so we could play- how fun would that be!

Miss Sandy said...

I love the predecessor of the ipod! We have one very similar to that one that belonged to my aunt. My daughter nabbed it for her room declaring it very retro and she now collects records. I do hope you will drop in for a visit as I have a surprise waiting for you!

Patti said...

Wow - I didn't know you could waterski! And, on two gals' shoulders?! I'm impressed!!


your photos make me want to go out in search of more stuff, I mean findings, that I don't really need:)

Charlie McGee said...

Hi, You always inspire me when I look at your blog. You see beauty in things that so many of us probably would just walk on by. I think I'll find a flea market and take my camera and just walk thru and see what I can find.