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March 5, 2009

*~Look What's On My Work Table!~*

Dear Friends,

Just a glance into my little Studio

to share with you what is on my work table at the moment.

I am hard at work finishing my OWOH winner's pieces.

Mark will sure be glad when this creative surge is over

(LOL ~ like that's ever going to happen)

so that he can reclaim some of the other living space

(kitchen island, coffee table)

that I have cluttered.

Here I am experimenting creating my first altered tin. Presently I just have the background in place. I hope to find the perfect creation to place inside of it.

This piece, once sealed, embellished, and wired will go

to Janet at Lavender Loft.

This hanger is being made for my OWOH winner, Coralie
at Welcome to our Vintage Cottage Home.
The rose is from a bouquet Mark
brought home to me after an especially trying day at
school this week ~ he is pretty wonderful.

I found this little 2.5 X 3 inches Worship Book at Leola's.
I have altered it for my dear friend Sally.
It was suppose to be a Valentine gift

but I just can't seem to create with deadlines ~
so it will be a just because gift for her as soon as I'm finished.

I put this little vintage image on the inside cover page.

The Cover ~ I just love altering tiny things!

How Lucky Am I? These last few photos are from the prize I won from Heather at Creative Solace in the OWOH Give Away! It goes perfectly with my vintage sea collection. Look at the wonderful detail ~ A truely fabulous work of Art!

Blessings to

My Creative Hearted Friends,



Jenny Fowler said...

Oooo, pretty! Your pieces are going to be surely appreciated! I won a huge goodie pack of scrapbooking stuff in OWOH. It was so generous!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I like what you have started on your tin shrine. And I'm with you on altering little things, especially little books. Your little prayer book is looking quite adorable!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lucky you winning one of Heather's creations! Your little tin is wonderful as well! I'm glad you stopped by my Magpie's Nest, it gave me the chance to come and visit your lovely blog!

Heather Robinson said...

Wow Katie! It looks like your art table is humming with activity. Love, love, love your first altered tin! It is so unique and absolutely lovely as is all of your work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by MY blog. I am so glad you enjoyed the posts...the Tibet sand art IS spectacular! Oh, your workspace is very inviting, I must say. So much fun stuff to look at and my FAV is the last one...a "formal" mermaid! CUTE! I agree with Patty S...your blog is lovely!
Jan from "A Journey......"

Patti said...

I hope you don't put everything away! Who needs clear surfaces when there's art to be made!! The recipients of your creative surge certainly are blessed!
Thank so much for your kind and lovely comments - you always make my day!

Angela Harris said...

Love your first altered tin of the little girl with her head in her hands. You always do such sweet work.

MaygreenFairies said...

Hey Katie, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. The "Fairy Mode" photo of me was done with an online site, I think if you click on the photo it will take you there and you can create your own. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog, your art is gorgeous, I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x

Lucy said...

Oh, Katie, you always have such lovely creative goodness going on at your house. Even if it's taking up some of the living space right now...lol..I can totally relate! Your altered tin is sweet!

Relyn said...

Lucky Sally! She's going to be thrilled. All your recipients are.

CDB said...

Oh my gosh, you are amazing! This is incredibly creative, and looks like it takes an incredible amount of time! What a great giveaway, too. I love all the colors and old photography.. it has such a vintage feel.

Thanks for swinging by earlier! I appreciate it!

dulcy said...

Love your creations! Thanks for checking in this weekend!


Anna said...

thanks for sharing your art space with us.... mine is a dining room table... not so great when it's the first thing you see walking in the front door..... (yikes)
I LOVE your altered tin..... I have been collecting some for a few months hoping to do something about it..... but here I am ...... Also love the scripture book - what a great find and a thoughtful gift! You are so awesome... so giving. Hey did you see nathalie is hosting a DOLL atc swap at the CPA - I thought of you..... xoxo anna

Patti said...

I love all the goodies you are working on! I love the idea of altering "stuff" but have never tried...want to though! Have a wonderful weekend!

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi there,
I love your art. You have some very lucky friends who will enjoy your beautiful creations. Isn't it funny how the muse just sometimes won't be quiet?
Have a blessed weekend.

Miss Sandy said...

My what lovely goodies are resting on your work spaces! Just darling work!

Angela Harris said...

Thank you! I did take those photos of the kids. I used a website called Picnik to alter them. It's really cool and it's free for a while. Thanks so much for coming to see me.

Zinnia said...

Beautiful pieces! Yummy! I love the elements and color!