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December 8, 2008

~*SoMe Scenes FrOm ThAnksGiving~*~*

a few of my favorite pictures from
Thanksgiving in Kansas City.

Mary and Michelle

Suzanne, Lauren, Marilee

and Rich

Gathering together at sister Mariann and Ed's home
for Thanksgiving in KC. We had 3 table and about
45 family members there!
Our trolley ride through the Plaza to view the lights.

Lauren and her daughter, Kate

Two beautiful nieces, Lauren and Marilee

The children had so much fun reconnecting.
(as did the adults!)

Katie and niece Sadie
"Queen of the thumb wars"
It snowed on the way home from KC.


Anna said...

thank you katie for sharing your heart with us - it's a heart of pure gold! xoxo anna

Marie Reed said...

Looks like you had an amazing day!

Sam I Am said...

oh wow...45 people??? whew..that must have been a TON OF FUN!!!!! How Cool!!
And you got SNOW?? man..Im so jealous !!!
great pictures :)

Relyn said...

Forty five family members?? Holy smokes!! I would have loved that. Our "crowd" of five was small but happy.

dulcy said...

Sounds wonderful! And more yet to come! (holidays and weather....)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. It's also nice to see the face of the thumb-war princess.