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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

December 7, 2008

~**"The AccidEnt of BEing AliVe...

Dear Friends,

The following is a quote

from someone who I regard highly.

They are not my words

but they are words that I am

letting them sink deep into me

as I reflect on this Season of Advent.

"A spiritual thing is folding your clothes

at the end of the day.

A spiritual thing is making your bed.

A spiritual thing is taking cookies to your neighbor

who is shut in or raking their front lawn because

they are too old to do it.

That's spirituality.

... there's nothing more practical than real spiritually."

"... your ministry is how much of a tip

you leave at a resturant; when you leave a hotel room

messed up or not; whether you flush your toilet or not.

Your ministry is the way you love people.

... loving people being respectful toward them ~ is

much more important then writing or doing music.

If you are a Christian ~ ministry is the

accident of being alive."

Just some Random thoughts about
becoming a woman of more substance

I am choosing this year to not become caught up
in the season's frenzy. Instead I am letting God pull
and refine me into a woman who sees beyond the surface.
I am slowing down and trying to only do the neccessary.
The necessary to move me closer to Christ.
I have been moved to reach out to my neighbors
around me (and not just the street kind although
they are a good place for me to begin).
And I have decided to treat family and friends
to gifts made by artist friends and myself
and not resort to superficial or convenience.
It will not be an easy thing for me to do
because I like easy, but I am tired of simplifing
on the most important things so that I can "fluff "
and "foo foo" the season.

The quotes are from a Rich Mullen's biographical book,

An Arrow Pointing to Heaven

(by James B. Smith, Amazon sells it used

and it would make a lovely Gift)

It inspires me to become a more authentic

person of faith,

as I hope these words will do for you.

Love and Peace to you,


Debra said...

Thanks Katie, wonderful words to live by, daily. This time of year can be stressful... alot of "self-imposed" expectations. I'm trying to keep my eyes on Jesus, "the reason for the season", and not all the hoopla.
love ya, Debra

Kim said...

Wow! I love that..."the Accident of being alive".....thanks for the thought provoking post! I became calmer just reading it! Merry Christmas to you!

summersundays-jw said...

I loved this post too. I've been trying so hard to live my faith. It's so easy to get caught up in what you can't do instead of concentrating more on what you can do. My goal is to support as many of the women in the store & try to stay away from the Walmart's of the world this Christmas. thanks for your words of encouragement. Jan

Jerusalem said...

that is amazing and beautiful and perfect! I have sent it on to several friends - especially those involved in "traditional" ministry roles as an encouragement. May the peace of the season be with you my friend!

Relyn said...

Rich Mullins was so wise. I think I'll go and give him a listen.

JenX67 said...

Oh, my goodness. This just went straight to my heart. I love what you wrote about gift giving. I kept wondering who wrote that other - part - then I see. It was Rich Mullins, my hero. I'll be mentioning this on my blog.