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November 1, 2008

~*SoMe ChaRacTerS~* (and then some)

Dear Friends,
I am so blessed to have many characters in my life especially this time of the season.
Here are a few pictures of some of them. You can find more of them on
my other blog, my classroom blog ~ 101 Happys!
Jacinda and Donna

Skippy Jon Jones (aka Paula)

A sweet pirate

Beth as Nate the Great

Anita who gives me a chuckle every day!
(she is a cross between Tina Fey and Carol Burnett
with her humor)

The 4 first grade teachers were Ninya Turtles.
Sloane as Fancy Nancy

Megan, our house guest as her beautiful self.

Hope yesterday was filled with friends

and things that delighted you.

I will be posting again very soon, with give away winner and some

Rich Mullen's reflections.


Lucy said...

Your life is so very full with such colorful and lovely people--I'm sure great people are drawn to you because of your giving and encouraging nature. You give, and you receive.

I had a nice weekend away with some friends as well--every once in a while I need to escape and breathe again before moving on. I feel much better today than I did on Friday. :)

Krista said...

Wonderful pictures! I know your students will have some sweet memories of that day :)

Anna said...

did you see that Quinton was Skippy Jon Jones (the book) for halloween?? I love that someone else was skippy too!!! xoxox anna