Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

October 24, 2008

~*ThE * GypSy * In * Me*~

Dear Friends,

~Fall Brings out the Gypsy in Me~
"There's something in October that sets my gypsy blood astir."
William Bliss Carman ~ A Vagabond's Song

Ragamuffin Gal's Gypsy's Caravan ~ Come join me!

Wonderful Tabetha at rem*i*nisce Heirlooms
created these pendants for me to give as favors

to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday

(on the back it says "Cherish")

I am giving this gypsy hanger away to one of my blog readers.
I will draw out a name at random next Sat.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this
post to tell what stirs you up in October.

My new art doll creation ~ a little gypsy!

Mr. Pumpkin Man is finally finished

and is awaiting his embellishments

before he is hung on my front door.

Autumn Blessings!


Lucy said...

Your rug turned out beautiful!! You have such patience! Happy Birthday to your Mom :)

What stirs me up? Definitely the smell of apple pie or pumpkin pie cooking in the oven, a cool day outside but with warm sun glowing and colorful leaves whirling in the wind. Driving along the road and seeing the colorful harvest of the many roadside stands---all are things that stir me up or rather give me comfort that its time to wind down and settle in for the upcoming winter season.

Anna said...

OMGoodness - I'm in love with your pumpkin man....where did you get the pattern? He's so suave. Your gypsy caravan is great.... how did you make that? as for me and october..... the wind stirs up fall colors for me. It's a new beginning as trees begin to shed their leaves and I just love the brilliant show of colors they make. Have a blessed gypsy inspired week :) xoxo anna

MuseSwings said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! And here I am - definitely not in Kansas anymore, as Dorothy would say. I have found a magical artful and creative place to visit! Love your creations! I shall return! Oh, I almost forgot - what stirs me up in autumn? The amazing colors, the smell of pumkin pie and those cute little trick or treater princesses and goblins that stop by for a treat.

soulbrush said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog. it takes one 'unusual' person to recognise another!
your blog is unusual and artistic too, and very vibrant!

Patti said...

Can I come over and snuggle up to your door - Mr. Pumpkin Man??
It's usually late October - before it feels like fall in Kentucky... and I love the cooler weather!! I got some really cool Golden Bead Gel and painted some red and yellow leaves for a collage, did a Halloween ATC swap, made some decorations with my daughter and bought four pie pumpkins today, to bake for Thanksgiving pie... now that makes it official! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Linda said...

What stirs me up? The falling leaves! I can't wait!!!! You see they haven't really started here in southeast Texas yet...but it's coming! And I LOVE the smell of burning leaves! They should make that a fragrance you can buy.

JenX67 said...

You finished pumpkin man! I just love it. I want one! OK - what stirs me - probably watching the distinct change of season in Oklahoma - from hot summer to cool fall. When we've had an early wet fall, the colors here rival the east coast. Red and gold trees, lots of piles of leaves. I'm stirred by my children's wonder. I'm stirred by my own growing older. October is probably my favorite month of the year. It starts on the first with my mom's birthday and ends with Halloween - for me - a celebration of candy and kids. Thanks, jen - oh, I'll let folks on my blog know about your giveaway!

jenny fowler said...

hi katie! i just had to stop by even though i should be sleeping, or doing something productive like cleaning! i hope to be back posting soon, you little gypsy queen. i could tell you what i love about gypsies but maybe you'll ask that question someday.

i am moved by the changing aspen leaves in the colorado mountains, muted colors, and arrangements of pumpkins and gourds; crispy air, and that settling in feeling that comes when you know it is about to get cold enough to keep you indoors. i love the smell of pumpkin, spices, and firewood this time of year. It all fills me with a warmth and a season that God has made that declares His goodness even as the winter of nature's death is soon to be upon us. i love that is sets us up for the following holidays as well. halloween, thanksgiving, both leading up to the best of all Christmas! God is sooooo good!

Miss Sandy said...

Oh my goodness Pumpkin Man is darling! Colorful Autumn leaves must bring on that wandering spirit. They blow where they may and land where they wish. Ah, to be a gypsy traveling free!

Melinda Cornish said...

the pumpkin man is great! as far as being stirred up, I thinkfor me it is that fall smell in the air and brisk nights and being able to bake apple pies and to make homemade soups and the smell of woodsmoke......Melinda

Debra W said...

Mr. Pumpkin Man is absolutely adorable! You are very talented!

What a sweet way to honor your mom. She must be very proud to have a daughter like you. You are very lucky to have one another. Happy birthday to your mom!

What stirs me in October? So many things...The colors, the fabulous scents, the homey feeling, the Halloween costumes, everything!

Take great care!


Le @ Third on the Right said...

Hello there - I found you thru JenX67 .... she is right your work is divine ... off for a bigger ead now - cheers le

ps what moves me in October .... memories of the last weeks of my second and most likely final pregie weeks ...d arling boy was four last week. Joy to the World !

TamboinMO said...

Your pumpkin man turned out to be absolutely divine!!! I love your whimsical use of color!!! No boring, drab, primitive colors for you!
I love him!!

Jerusalem said...

Glad you are having a lovely fall! All your creations are so great and inspiring!! Your dangle you made me is still one of my favorite things! Blessings friend!

summersundays-jw said...

I may be too late for the give-away but I still wanted to let you know that I love this blog. Your creations, as always, are wonderful & I love your Mom's pendant. Also, what stirs me about Oct. are the smells. There's nothing better then rakeing leaves & smelling woodsmoke. Thanks, too, for helping me with my picture. As you can see, it fits perfectly. Have a wonderful weekend. Jan