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July 17, 2008

VaCaTioNing at The BeAcH

Our Beach Vacation
Bed and Breakfast
(East of Destin, Florida)
Inn Lobby and out back behind it ~

Semi-Private Beach

Practicing my shots in our room's mirror

What we found awaiting us in our room

View from our balcony

View from the dining room
One of our favorite eating place had
changed ownership ~ from Graffiti's
to Funky's. (all of cool folk art was gone too,
all that remained were not very original paintings
and bottles like these hanging in the window)
Food and service were still good ~ but I missed the art!

We had a drink on the upper deck of
Bud and Alley's at Seaside Florida
(where the movie The Truman Show was filmed)
Mark took pictures of the storm rolling in.

One of several road side vendors.

Colorful beach cottages

Gaffrey's Art Gallery
along HWY 30

More Artist booths along Hwy 30

Wendy Prentice and her Mermaid Arts
(featured in Costal Living ~ for her whimsical mermaids, visit her blog here)

The Sand feels so good between my toes.
Will post more soon!


Patti said...

What a fabulous vacation - oh, I'd so love to go there, thanks to your photographs I can, at least, experience a bit of all you saw and did.
The painting at the top of the post, above the photos of the b&b... who did that?
I hope you're rested and inspired now that you're back - happy creating!

Relyn said...

How wonderful!! I have been wanting and wanting to hear from you. I'm so excited that you have this lovely, restful, soul-filling time. Missing you. Love you. Enjoy every moment, just as you have been already.

Angela Harris said...

Oh Katie~ I just received your blogoversary package! You are so sweet. I can't wait to make a post about it. I'm using most of the clip art (which I LOVE!) tonight for the card swap. Thank you so much!

janw said...

I love your pictures. Hope you & Mark are having a wonderful time -- how could you not be with those surroundings!!! Breath that sea air in for me too. Jan

Diana Lyn said...

Welcome home, What a wonderful trip,I LOVE the beach! Your room and surroundings looked fantastic! Have a blessed day! Diana lyn

Linda said...

Looks wonderful! We used to go to Destin on vacation...when the kids were little. We'd go see my parents in Mobile, AL and then on to Destin! My son was just there a couple of weeks ago!

Charlie McGee said...

Wow, it looks great. And I would love to go visit all of the artist's booths. I love things like that.

hope the rest of the trip is everything that you want.

Angela Harris said...

Missing you Katie ~ I can't wait for you to get back to tell you about this club called CLub Creative i'm in. Marilyn Healey & Heather Bluhm are in it and we need more members. You would be perfect. They do swaps and share artwork and inspiration. It's fun. Come see! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClubCreative/

Pat Winter said...

Oh what lovely vacation photos. It was a nice "getaway" for me to browse for a bit. Loved the beach scene. I know you must have had a wonderful time, except for the chicken. :-0
Welcome home!