Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

May 4, 2008

*~ WeeKeNd TreaSureS ~**

Purchase from collage and artful quotes
Artist ~ Kay Foley

Street Artist, Angel, painting
in a day Painting Contest

My favorite booth this year,
Art Doll and Jewelry creater,
Jan Byron, At Home

A Happy Surprise came in the mail
A package from Jenny
We got to know each other through
the One World One Heart
Blog event and have been friends
ever since. She is such a blessing to me!
Thank You Jenny!

A little peek at what I am making Joy
for the Mermaid Swap

My pretty niece, Jaclyn from when
our family met for lunch on Sunday
at San Francisco Oven.

It's been a Wonderful Weekend!
Have a Bliss and Blessing Full Week!


fated follies studio said...

oh yay! i just had to come back over here to leave my reply email in a comment (i keep getting failure messages wheni try to email you). i love your art fest photos! it looks like it was so much fun! here's the email i tried to send:

katie, i was hoping that you would like the package, especially the jar. it took me a while to get the touches done. it is hard adjusting to not being in my own home so it was a whole week before i got to anything. i'm sad today because jemiah was here friday but we hardly had any time "together" all by ourselves. he left this afternoon to go back home to rifle. he's coming back on friday for the weekend and to be here for jaya's surgery. so at least it will only be five days, but 2 weeks is a long time and i missed him. he's been onery all day though. our pastor at the church i attend in denver (smoky hill vineyard) always jokes that spouses get into fights on sunday on their way to church. satan loves to cause dissention on sundays. that is so true for us, especially with jemiah. he hardly has a relationship with Jesus and i always wonder if i should treat him like a non-believer. he didn't come to church with me today and of course i sat next to my sweet friends who are the cutest married couple... and i was jealous. lol. classic. i usually sit by myself when i go alone. then i don't have as many distractions. what kind of church do you go to? in rifle i go to a southern baptist church. we don't have many options and i like the church we found but sometimes i wish the worship was more "free" if you will. alright, talk about long! i think i just shot down your comment on my blog. :) (FUNNY SINCE I ENDED UP HAVING TO POST IT HERE!) anyways, i hope you week is wonderful and i look forward to your next postings!


Jerusalem said...

oh what fun! wish we could've tagged along...

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

gorgeous pics!! xo Britt

michelle said...

I love that intrumental petting zoo! How great! I need to work on my mermaid swap too, got to get mother's day in the mail first though! Thanks for still visiting me!

Anna said...

gorgeous! what great pics - i love the bike! and all the inspiring pics of the art fest yall went to! I received your art piece saturday! I absolutely LOVE it! I am sooo touched THANK YOU!! I immediately put it on my inspiration board. I think it's going to be a permanent fixture on there (btw) Have a very blessed day! xoxo Anna T

Relyn said...

I love your photos of Artfest! I tried to take some, too, and all I got was yelled at. Seriously, a lady yelled at me and told me I was rude and had no business taking photos where people were trying to be creative. OH WELL! I sure am enjoying yours. Love you.

Charlie McGee said...

Hi, I love today's post. Great!! Come visit my blog cause I have something for you.

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

What a Fabulous Post!! LOVE all of your pictures and your Mermaid Swap items are going to be priceless!!

I started tutoring a first grader a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to tell you about it ~ I'll probably post about it. It's been the most rewarding ~ fulfilling joyful experience.

Hope you have a "hoppy" weekend ~


P.S. I didn't know there was a magazine about Blogging!! I must get a copy this weekend ~