Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

May 11, 2008

~***2 MoMs, CoMMatoes, An AwArd, 1 Blog Give Away and A Tag!~***

Won't you come into the garden?

I would like my roses to see you.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan

2 Moms

2 pictures currently reside upon our kitchen island.
They are two special gals who are graduating from
High School this year! We have had the priveledge
of observing them grow through the years! From
providing sippy cups to ice cream and listening to
funny and painful stories we have prayerfully
supported them through their growing years.
But what I see when I gaze into their beautiful faces
are their moms, Jama and Betsy. Both of these
women have had a major impact upon my growth
as a Christian and as an educator.

Jama and her husband, Jeff
worked along side of us through our
Youth Ministry years. We bonded over lock-ins,
Easter breakfasts, and teen Bible studies. Jama
introduced me to a deeper relationship with Christ.

She was and is such a lovely vessel of a life led
and directed by God. When I look at Kylie I see
Jama's sparkling eyes and beauty.

The raven haired beauty is the daughter of a
great teacher friend and mentor, Betsy. I
spent 3 years teaching with Betsy and she
was and still is a deeply dedicated professional
who beautifully modeled how to provide
an education for some of the
"least of these" children in our community.
It is because of Betsy that I no longer desire to
teach at a brand new school. Instead I choose the
school with the most near proverty
children in the Nixa community. Most of the
children in my school have little to no
outside resources and capable adult support.
Betsy taught me how to truely use my life
to make a difference in a young person's life
She continues to encourage and support (as
well as provide much needed humor)
in my professional life. She remains a
great friend and inspiration.

My life has been so richly blessed to have had
these two women and their families in my life.
So this Mother's Day I salute you both very fondly
and with much gratitude!

To Kylie and Cassidy I can only say:
You did Great!!!
To whom much is given,
much is required and I am watching for
great things from you two gals!
(a sad reflection on life, toes, and shoes)

On Thursday, after I had been feeling toe freedom

as never before in my favorite pair of work shoes, I

looked down and to my dismay saw the stitching
completely ripped out and my manicured toes
about to escape from their entrapment.
I tried to covey to Mark how horrible this whole
incident was, I even told him that the first thing
a gal usually notices is shoes. I probably say 3-4 times
a day ~ "Cute Shoes!" I went on to say a girl would
have to be comatose to not notice shoes. To which
my husband responded with, "What do you call a girl
who doesn't notice shoes? Comma Toes."
When I checked my email that day I had an award

from Charley's Blog at Charley's Studio and Gifts.

And it's not about the award but rather what

she said about me that helped me get things in perspective.

Thanks Charley!

Birthday Give Aways

I got 1 of my give aways finished
(Spoiler Alert... Natalie stop reading now)
Here is Birthday give away package I sent to Natalie.

This week I will finish my creations

for the Mermaid Swap and send them off

on Thursday (my husband's birthday).

Then I will get really serious about completing

the rest of my Birthday give aways.

Which will mean it is time for....

another Blog give away!!!

And this one will be my One Year

Anniversary of Creating a Blog!

A picture of beautiful roses that one of my sweet students

gave me for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thanks Logan!

A Tag

5 Weird Things About Me

I am a talented multi-tasker -
I like to read while brushing my teeth, cooking,
and blow drying my hair. This is why rug hooking,
knitting, and blogging is a good match for me!
I have little to no concept of time. This makes
me late for some things and early for others. All of my
clocks and watches are set at least 15 minutes early
and I write things on my bathroom mirror
with a dark dry erase marker to help me be on time.

I have a thing for containers, cute containers, boxes,
purses, totes, trunks, jewelry holders, oh my... I just love em!

I collect strays, animals and people, always have, always will.
This means that people bring animals to me to help find them good homes as
well as I have befriended some real odd ball people.
Last summer, I noticed a lady walking around the
mall parking lot on a hot summer day.
She just kept looking and looking.
I drove up beside her, got her to get in my car
and drove her all over the lot and we finally
found her car. Turns out she was new
to our area and came out on the wrong side of the mall.

This drives people wild....
I sometimes forget to eat.
I can get so caught up in things that
forget to eat until really late
(or not at all).

I could live on coffee, smoothies, & peanut butter.
Many thanks to Linda, for thinking of me
when she needed someone to have 5 weird things about them.
Now here is the tag, if you would like to include this tag on
your blog, go to Linda's and get the official guidelines
and then post it on your blog.


you can post 1 weird thing about yourself
in your comment for this post!


Jerusalem said...

Your tag was great - I love all your funny things - especially the no-time concept. I think my mom suffers (enjoys) that too! Wish I had the forgetting to eat trait - lol! xoxo

Nathalie Thompson said...

Well, I am glad I hadn't read your post earlier, because I was surprised when I got my wonderful, lumpy envelope today with your fabulous art doll!!! THANK YOU!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I have never made an art doll, but I am completely inspired! And that she came in a fancy, custom holder is a bonus. And my favorite color- cardboard brown!

Weird fact: I love eating ice cream, but if it weren't for my kids and husband eating it, it would freezer burn before I ever got around to it. I forget it's in the freezer. I guess I like eating ice cream better "out" from a local hang out, than eating it "in" at home.

Relyn said...

I LOVE this post of yours. I agree with Charlie, too.

One weird thing about me? There are so many. I am generally very tidy. I am also very good at organizing. In college I got paid to organize other people's closets. But, to really organize at home, first I create total chaos. I mean chaos at a scary level. One weekend we stayed at my parents because Jeffrey couldn't take the mess any more and I wasn't going to finish any time soon.

Bunny B said...

Wheee..! One year blogoversary :)

Weird about me: When I was young, I used to love to stash cheese in my overalls' pockets. I'd snack on them at times, but sometimes I forget and it goes into the wash LOL. Fortunately, I don't stash food in my pockets anymore!

bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

misspvc said...

What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful women! and I wish I had the forget to eat concept too...hmmm. I guess 1 weird thing about me is I don't like any of the food on my plate to touch...gravy on mashed potatoes ok.... bread/roll in mashed
potato definitely no no or gravy on roll...no can do.... butter only...weird huh??!?!?!?!
huge hugs
Patti V

kaytebug aka Kaylea said...

Thinking of you today....
So I googled your blog!
Adding it back into my "regular" rotation.

Hope all is well.
Missing you.