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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

April 19, 2008

~*~JouRnEy IntO bLisS~*~ PaRt 2 ~*

Dearest Friends,
Finding Bliss and Inspiration in connecting with other artists, poets,

dreamers, and beauty in Life seekers. One way to do this is through

swaps and visiting the blogs links from other favorite blogs. I have

joined 2 Swaps! First one is The Gypsy Mermaid's EnChanTed SwaP

We are swaping with our partner

based on the Disney Movie ~ Enchanted. My Swap Partner is

Angela Harris

and I have had so much fun dreaming and creating

for her. I cannot wait to mail my package of goodies

to her! Here is just a little sneaky peeky:

Another Swap I have joined is The Mermaid Swap

hosted by Bella Enchanted.

My swap partner will be Joy and I have just begun to dream

and create about this one so no sneak peeks for now.

This week I have visited some incredible new blogs and visited

some of my long time favorites. Here are just a sampling of some new blogs

I discovered:

1) The Gypsy on Adventure

2) Two girls making jewelry

3) Sandra Evertson

(thankful to my swap partner Angela

for this discovery!)

My Journey Into Bliss would not be complete without

making reference to the comments I received last

week about where we find inspiration. I loved reading

all of the lovely and heartfelt comments.

Tonight I had my niece Madison Marie over

and thought it would be great to let her

draw out the names. When I went to retrieve

the names, I could NOT find the post on my blog

. I felt so terrible when I found the post in my editing section.

I discovered I had edited my post on Tuesday and forgot

to key in to publish it again. So from Tuesday until today

there has not been a way for readers to even view the post

to know about the give away. After serious consideration

of how to make it fair and fun for everyone, I decided to leave

the drawing open until next Wednesday April 23.

There will be 4 winners instead of 3 and I will put last

week's comment authors into the drawing twice.

I do so love to hear from all of you and value you as

friends. I want to hear what inspires you to live

a creative life! Love and Blessings dear ones,



Bejeweled said...

Those sound like two absolutely wonderful swaps! Love the idea of one based on Enchanted - that is just such a happy movie!

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit and for your warm and caring thoughts!

Angela Harris said...

OOH OOH I'm VERY excited about sending your things out tomorrow morning. I'm staying up late tonight to put some finishing touches on & to package with care. I can't wait to see what wonderful things you've made for me! Talk to you soon..

Charlie McGee said...

Hi, I just love coming to your blog and reading your posts and seeing what you are up to. So talented. I'm sitting at the studio, not really wanting to go home, so I"m painting. Right now I"m painting a window with bears on it. It should look great in a girls room.

I just saw Enchanted the other day and I love it.

Yes, I got my name hanger, and I'm sorry if I didn't come in and say thanks. I thought that I did, but with all that is on my plate these days I wouldn't doubt that I didn't. So thank you very much for doing it for me. You are an angel.

Relyn said...

Pick me! Pick me!! I love you, Katie. I have missed chatting with you this week. I need my daily dose of Sweet Katie. Love you.

Angela Harris said...

I recieved my Enchanted package from you today. The most beautiful packaging I've ever seen! The attention to detail was magnificant. LOVED every single item! Did you recieve yours yet?

fated follies studio said...

Katie, you are too thoughtful. i am so loving the doll you made for your enchanted partner. the more i see, the more i know she'll love it. i can't wait to make something new besides little plushies for jaya and wine charms for my mom, lol. anyways, got to do whatcha got to do.