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April 4, 2020

Looking For Friends To Share The End of The World With ~*

It will be my birthday next week and I will turn another year older. I was going to visit one of my happiest of happy places but that trip was cancelled due to Covid-19. I am not ranting, far from it, I am thankful and grateful to be living in my house near a beautiful park and a few doors down from one of my best friends.

My yard is bursting out in new blooms and I now have the time to dream of pages I wish to write, art collage paintings I'd like to create, and books to finish and begin. Each passing day if filled with more uncertainty and I am prone to pay attention to new stories more often than I ever have before. Friends being diagnosed but none have died yet. I am feeling grateful.

I am quarantined with my partner, Spons and have two other men I have the attention of and am in contact with daily. My carpenter/ handyman/painter Matt and my ex-husband Mark. Any other 62 year old single woman would probably delight in this but it only adds a bit of comic relief along with a surrounding layer of being taken care of which is needed in this period of time.

I have decided to revive my blog and I hope you will join me through this journey however brief or long it goes. One of my joys is to find pictures that display beauty to share. I'm closing this first post with some I am particularly enjoying at the present.

July 4, 2013

The Best Thing I've Read This Week! ~ *

Too often at times my mind is drawn to the immediate thing that needs to be done or looked at and it is pulled away from things which have an eternal value.

I read this post this past week and I cannot forget it..
The girl has a face and smile like many of my girls in past youth groups or summer camps.  Her fortitude, determination, dedication, priorities and most of all, love for Christ is so inspiring and seems so out of place for a young, unmarried, high school graduate girl in our modern time.

Perhaps this is what draws me to return to this post again and again this week and to share it with you, my dear readers.

It convicts me to do more for God and less for myself.  It causes me to look around my world and see what needs to be done, roll up my sleeves, get down on my knees, and serve, and serve much more than myself.

Read this post only if you dare, you may not be left the same as you are right now!  Blessings my friends.

March 31, 2013

On My Work Table

I am taking a class on the Trodden Path 
Art Group
with the ever so talented Heather Murray.
It has helped get me back into 
creating new art
and I am excited!

Plus the fact that I get to visit with two
very artistic friends this Thursday,
I am hoping to return to this blog
more regularly 
with more of my creative adventures.

As always look for my finished projects 
on my studio blog
accessible by clicking the button 
on the top right
of this blog.

May blessings surround you 
on this glorious day
and always,