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July 4, 2013

The Best Thing I've Read This Week! ~ *

Too often at times my mind is drawn to the immediate thing that needs to be done or looked at and it is pulled away from things which have an eternal value.

I read this post this past week and I cannot forget it..
The girl has a face and smile like many of my girls in past youth groups or summer camps.  Her fortitude, determination, dedication, priorities and most of all, love for Christ is so inspiring and seems so out of place for a young, unmarried, high school graduate girl in our modern time.

Perhaps this is what draws me to return to this post again and again this week and to share it with you, my dear readers.

It convicts me to do more for God and less for myself.  It causes me to look around my world and see what needs to be done, roll up my sleeves, get down on my knees, and serve, and serve much more than myself.

Read this post only if you dare, you may not be left the same as you are right now!  Blessings my friends.

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