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June 5, 2012

All That Summer brings

The Dust has settled from another school year ending,
closing up a classroom,
packing and moving 
it all into storage 

Next August,
 will move 
a new school
same district.

A vacation 
has been taken
and now 
I have returned,
settled in,
and down
for summer...

It's the season of weddings

June weddings are
always a happy time!

loading up my Kindle
with good reads
for the summer.

There will 
be visits with mother,
(there was one today) 
home improvements,
new house hunting,
Cardinal Baseball Games,
Colorado hiking,
catching up with friends,
new ones,
saving for Italy,

learning how to use
my new iPad,

trying new recipes,
art projects,
and Zumba moves.

This is my most favorite part of summer
when the whole season
looms ahead
with tons of possibilities..

So now you know what my summer list looks like,
I would love to know what is on yours.

This weekend I got to attend the wedding of two beautiful young people, I have posted photos from their wedding and also from our Destin vacation.


~*~Patty S said...

oooo such a lovely post dear Katie...full of possibilities
actually just plain FULL ;)

Enjoy * enjoy dear friend

Linda said...

Your summer sounds wonderful. And your future school has a grand woman entering their lives! My summer is full of moving to a new home we just built...next week! Then in July we have a family reunion that should be so fun! I can't wait to get my art room set up in the new house.... it's all packed away... maybe I'll get some reading done. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Mrs. E said...

I love the wedding photos. Your summer sounds lovely. Aren't we fortunate to have this time? And saving for Italy?!! That is on my Bucket List, too. Happy, happy summer!

dulcy said...

Well you know that #1 on my list is dinner out with my bestie, Katie, to the Aviary..... Wine and crepes... now that's summer fun!


Relyn said...

I got a load of the date yesterday and almost hyperventilated. My days have been so long and lazy that I didn't realize how quickly they were racing by. My summer plans include lots of time swimming and that's been so relaxing. I feel like I am coming back to myself after our hard, hard year last year.

Margaret said...

Lovely post Katie, sounds fab! Enjoy every moment, I've yet to start planning... another 4 weeks until school ends! Mx