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October 15, 2011

~ * Pinterest ~ and thoughts on Life

I have been loving pinning 
things that bring joy to my heart
Visiting the boards on Pinerest so much!

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It reminds me of 
when as a child the 
Christmas Wish Book
would arrive in the mailbox

I would peruse through it 
and turn back the corners on
the pages that held 
something I really liked
and perhaps
for my Christmas gift.

Fall brings back so many memories.
It is so nice to reconnect
with those happy memories
you have from your childhood.

just this past year,
I reconnected with my 
oldest dearest childhood friend.

We have so much fun together
because we have shared
so much.  Being with her
feels as natural as breathing.

She was my next door neighbor growing up.
And to list all the memories from
idolizing her older "cool" Beatles loving sister,
to dressing up as Suzy Spy for trick or treating,
and Brownies and Girl Scouts
would take loads of posts to unload.
 I will just summarize by saying
we were two peas in a pod
and we still are to this day!

I teach my first graders this song each year,
(which by the way ~ learned in Girl Scouts)

Make new friends but keep the old
one is silver and other's gold
A circle's round, it has no end
And that's how long I will be your friend.

So here are my wishes for you...

That you can reconnect with old friends,
make new really good ones!

Love, Joy, Peace, and
Blessings to all!


summersundays-jw said...

I've missed your posts. I, too, reconnected with an old friend this summer. She came to visit from Cal. & we had the best time. Take care! Jan

~*~Patty S said...

oh another precious post from you dear one!

warms my heart to read about your life long friendship and getting to reunite is extra special!

you pegged the beauty of Pinterest too with your description...I get lost there every now and again...

Happy Sunday Dear One!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh My
what a lovely time I'm having visiting your boards...such a delight on so many levels

thank you for sharing Missy!

Anonymous said...

I adore that photo of you and 'the girls' as youngsters. It IS so nice to have a life long friend whom you share yourself with. My 'girl' is a friend of 33 yrs (not from my childhood) and I will get to see her twice this year. Now that's what I call special.

Happy hugs to you....I missed you,too.

Barb Rogers said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It made me think about how nerdy we were to BOTH wear that same Susie Spy costume on the SAME Halloween and then Trick or Treat together wearing them proudly. I have so many wonderful memories of our times together. It has meant so much for my to reconnect with you this past year too Katie. This was wonderful to read.(:

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

It is always nice to reconnect with old friends.Have a lovely week.Now I'm off to check your pinterest.
Sending big hugs,

Margaret said...

I love Pinterest! such a great combination of inspiring photos, something else i really should do! Mx

Suz said...

Oh, Katie,
I love Pinterest, too! it just soothes me to see these beautiful pictures float across my mind and I think, "I could do something like that" and right now, I am not going much...but I figure I am putting pretty things into my brain :-)
I have missed you, too. I feel your heart when I come here.
I am so glad you connected with your friend. I, too, remember that Girl Scout song. I will be singing it in the old folks home when I remember nothing but Girl Scout songs and the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. Some things are just engraved in our minds.
My best friend since Girl Scout Camp lives at the corner! Sadly, we are having our first big rift of our life. We are working on it. Fifty years of friendship is not meant to go down the drain, but we both inadvertently hurt each other. Sad.
Jud and I just got back from Spain and Southern France (a long slow barge trip). It was just heaven. His doctor was worried he would be too weak but he is doing well. He said that his cancer just didn't seem relevant. I am so glad we had this summer together. So grateful, but at the same time, I feel like I have a hole in my heart.
Thinking you of your new start and new school. With twenty-five years in schools, I can so relate. Hope it is starting to feel comfortable. I am sure you will bring so much love to that school.
Big hugs,