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May 14, 2011

I'll Show You Mine..

If you'll show me Yours

While dusting off my bedside shelf,
 I was reminded of a post I did a few years ago
on things that were beside your bed.
I decided to repost on that topic 
So please show or tell me what you keep beside
your bed.
Here is what I keep beside mine.
A handful of small stones
picked up from a trail in Colorado.

My husband tricked me into taking a
steep hike straight up to view a hanging lake 
I scooped up these stones to remind myself
 that if I ever made it through this,
then I could do anything!!!

My favorite photo of my mom
and the last photo that I have of
my parents together
before daddy died.
My imagination journal

Books I am reading

A favorite sweet note from Mark

And of course Sophie
who would be by my bedside every night
if she were allowed inside the bedroom.

that I've shown you mine,
please show or tell me what is beside yours?
I would love to know
Beautiful Blessings,

The bed at the  top is my dream place, I would love to have a spot like this in my home, wouldn't you?
  The three books were gifts from friends for my birthday and are very unique and wonderful reads! 
I told my students about my imagination journals and they all wanted one of their own, 
so that is one of the things I have been doing these last few weeks instead of posting! 
Sadly there are a few spots in our house where our pets are NOT allowed, our bedroom is one of
them.  Sophie is a very faithful kitty and often tries to sneak in and hide in our closet until she hears
the door shut. She has never been able to stay as the minute the lights go out, she jumps right 
on us and is immediately placed outside where she cries for a moment and then moves on.


Joanna said...

Oh I am SO nosy! I loved seeing what was next to your bed. I guess I'll have to tell you what's next to mine now.......

a growing pile of books in a basket, both read and unread (2 in the process of being read)
a pot of moisturizer
a mirrored tray with jewellry odds and ends (why never any MATCHING earrings?!)
a recently discovered precious photo of my daughter on her first school residential trip
a certificate of merit for same daughter (still tucked in envelope awaiting relocation to folder of similar items)
2 clocks (one radio alarm, one digital. Why 2? Seemed a good idea at the time!)

A strange mix, but it's what's there!

Have a great weekend.


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Hi Katie
Before I forget - the Giveaway prize of notebook is on it's way to you.
Okay - I have a bedside lamp which is precious as it belonged to my Grandmother and in my eyes it is just so beautiful. A photograph of my mum and her sister (my mum is the cutest little toddler you've seen in this photo). Books and Stampington & co publications then when settling down for the night my wristwatch and my glasses (wear contacts and glasses .... no, not at the same time!!!) then there is a pen and also my journals. Journals for various reasons, a Gratitude Journal then I have my craft journal and a craft diary - hey you did ask LOL.

Suz said...

This is such a fun post! I love that you have a little "love"note there and think you are a treasure for making imagination journals for your students. You have so much love in your heart, Katie. I can just feel it!

I need to see if I can get a picture. I have an odd conglomeration of little china orange and green items. We have no orange and green and no little china anywhere in the house. This combination is speaking to me in this land of pink, purple and gray!

Love you, Katie,

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This was so fun, I enjoyed this post so much! I'll have to go photo and make a list so, I guess, I might as well clean up a bit first...sigh. Didn't realize there was going to be work involved! -LOL-

Margaret said...

Fun fun post and I love that top pic! dreamy!
I also have a lamp next to my bed, a pile of arty mags, whatever novel I'm reading, an alarm clock, some lip balm and a tiny canvas with the word 'believe' on it that I was given when I first started out on my Blog journey! oh and a bit of dust!!


Patti said...

What a fun post Katie...here goes... some magazines and catalogs, books I am reading, alarm clock, and lotion, - but above my bed is a shelf Mike made and I have some fav pics of Mike and Molly,and fairies and angels on it as well as hanging from the pegs and a rosary Molly made me for Mother's Day awhile back. Such treasures...Have a wonderful day!

Jeanie said...

Ilove this post! I love seeing what you have, but mostly, I love hearing what it means! I'll have to get my camera out, tidy up and shoot like crazy!

Bevie said...

Hi sweetie, I have to say I don't have much on my side table but what I have in bed makes up for it. No kidding, I have a chest filled with medicine.uck!! An old lamp, bottle of water and a Bible...in the bed you would find my sweet hubby, and 3 pugs that think they are human. Ocassionally our huge orange cat finds his way thru the other three ending up between the pillows of mine and his..hehehe!!
I'll be sure to post a photo on my blog so you can see...Blessings!!!

Janet said...

I love this post! The little note is so beautiful. I think it's great that you display it to show how special it is.

My bedside table has a stack of books, a favorite photo of my hubby, a couple of journals, and the one thing I never use....an alarm clock!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Friends ~
I have loved hearing and reading what you have beside your bed. It is a fun way to get to know each other better. I must admit that most of the time mine is a big mess, but sharing with you challenged me to clean it up a bit before pictures. It is usually not that tidy. Have a fabulous weekend and week! Love you all, me

Relyn said...

I love these peeks into your home. It's so overflowing with love and visual beauty. I love, love, love your home.