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December 10, 2010

~**The Second Story of Christmas~*

One year when I was serving 
in youth ministry our budget had a surplus
so we decided to buy some bicycles for 
some children from
the boys and girls club
in our small town.

For one week our youth workers and youth
bought and assembled bikes,
and planned a Christmas party for 
that next Saturday.

We gave each child $10
and loaded them up in vehicles
to go shopping at a local
discount store for their families
and loved ones.

When we arrived back at the youth room, 
we served them soup and sandwiches
and together we wrapped and tagged the
gifts that were purchased.

Next, we served cookies and 
the moment came
when we wheeled each
bike out to its new owner.

I will NEVER forget the feelings
of joy, grace, and gratitude
that surrounded us in that room.

The looks of disbelief and delight
on the children's faces.

Their voices asking us...
"for me, is it really for me?"

I was so humbled,
It was not my idea,
it hadn't been my money,
and yet God has allowed me
to be a part of this

To witness a real Christmas story,
one that has stayed with me
through all of these years!
It was a moment of 

Each Christmas
I try to give a bit of that grace
with others.

In this season of grace
I pray you will have
it extended to you
and that you
will extend it in turn
to those around you.

In 5 days, I will share my third story of Christmas.  
Wishing you merriment until then!


Joanna said...

What a magical moment!

Love the sweet little face at the top of this post too, she's so beautiful.


diane cook said...

Katie...this is a beautiful Christmas story! One that is full of the real meaning of Christmas =)

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Isn't it amazing and humbling at the same time when we give to others we are actually the ones who receive? Beautiful story.


Martina2801 said...

Oh, she`s so beautiful and lovely!!!

Have a nice christmas season, dear Katie!


Lovey said...

Beautiful Katie. Such warmth in your stories. They are humbling to me. Gives moments in our lives superb meaning. God has a way of bringing us all together for more then one reason. Your experience, we can experience through your stories...making us a part of the miracle of love. Thanks for making me a part of that miraculous moment.

~*~Patty S said...

beautiful story on so many levels dear Katie...I like that in reading your sweet remembrance I feel like we are sitting together in comfortable conversation...your sharing has brought to mind some sweet memories for me

thank you for sharing and living in Grace all ways oxo

Suz said...

That is such a beautiful story! Grace is an incredible gift.