Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

October 2, 2010

~* Welcome October ~


Often sought ~ rarely found
this week
brought to me a day that made my heart smile
and it is still smiling...

First ~ I saw a glimmer of how fantastic my
class of first graders could be ~
excited to learn!
working cooperatively,
one even brought to me a small gift
upon it she had written
I like you
I love you!
inside the box
were fun bright cheery erasers...
how did she know?

Then a co-worker
( one who I thought didn't like me that much)
gave me a compliment right in front of
 me to my student teacher.
I beamed all through the rest of the day!

After school that day,
I visited the library to pick up a book on hold,
As I often do, I went into the Mudhouse cafe.
When I saw who was working, my heart sank,
it was the one who I secretly call


"Mr. Personality"

I decided my favorite smoothie would be
such a great fit to my perfect day
so order I did.

Not only did he smile and talk nicely to me,
he brought my chai banana smoothie
out to me ~ And
It was the best one I'd ever had!

These things may seem small on
your perfect day meter,
but for me

right now

They were


So I smile as I write these lines
and wish  each one of you


I love you my friends,



dulcy said...

Wow! Good Karma Katie!!

Jo said...

It's the small things that make a difference isn't it? Good to hear you had such a good day with lovely surprises.


TamboinMO said...

You deserve SO MANY perfect days! Isn't it nice when you have one that is chock full of good things?!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

It's the little things that matter the most! Glad you had a fab day. I finally posted at my blog after such a long absence. I hope your Monday is going great.

margaret said...

You can never underestimate those little touches, really special! Glad to hear you were smiling today! Mx

Relyn said...

This is a perfect post. It is the little things that really matter. Always.

purplepaint said...

Hey Katie - how awesome!!! You teach first graders? They're so fun when they're that age!! Really! No sarcasm. I love the things little kids come up with! :D I just wanted to tell you that you are a fabulous artist! Marva

Patti said...

Hi Katie! Oh those little things- aren't they just the best?! Glad you had a wonderful day- hope you have many many more!!! Happy October~~~

meandering pearl said...

oh i am so loving your new background & header!!! how glorious they are!!! & i too am so thrilled & excited that we're swap partners!!! i'll email you back as soon as possibly my computer lets me...its having a few issues lately :)

such loveliness