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October 16, 2010

October Blessings... ~ *

Sweet Baby Norah has arrived!
And the faces on Kate and James
 just says it all ~
don't they?

Their mother, Lauren, 
is one of my dearest sweetest nieces
and having known her and 
shared in almost all of her life,
I am especially elated over her 
new family addition!

Just part of the blessings of life!
They are every where 
you look these days.

A teacher friend, 
who moved here last October
told me this week,
 that we Missourians don't realize
how beautiful we have it in the Fall.

I agree!
Every where I turn there is 

Autumn's glory!

My goal this weekend
is to look for it
and truly see it,
relish it,
enjoy it,
and hold on to it
for as long as I can!!!

Sweet Blessings to you!

If you follow my 101 Happys classroom blog ~
You will be pleased to know that I am
updating it this weekend with new
photos ~ so please check it 
out later tomorrow to see
another one of my 
most wonderful 
My First Grade Class this year!!!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Darling photo ... I can remember when my only sister was born when I was nine ... I longed for a playmate ... it didn't take me long to wonder ... is this all she's going to do (eat and sleep?) ... I enjoyed holding her and she of course became active soon enough!

Gorgeous Fall thank you for sharing some of your blessings dear one

dulcy said...

What a beautiful little baby! Oh, fall is spectacular, and wait until it's fully arrived! We walked along the River Bluff Creek trail this morning and it was simply gorgeous!
I use too many !! when I get excitied!!

Lucy - By the Hill said...

Hello Katie, what a lovely bundle of joy as is seen by the expression of the siblings!
Your autumn pictures are beautiful and so happy you are enjoying fall. Our leaves are gone now, but there is still some color in the fields. Our fall colors didn't last long enough this year!
Take care,

TheEccentricLady said...

I agree. We must take time to enjoy the beauty around us. As I walked my dog the other day a tree decided to drop a bunch of leaves. I just stopped and looked up and enjoyed the show. I could hear those leaves shouting weee! as they came twirling to the ground. It made me so happy!

Jo said...

Many congratulations to you and your family for the safe 'arrival' of gorgeous baby Norah. What a perfect picture those 3 make!

Wishing you all much joy,


Suz said...

That is a beautiful baby and you...you are so full of joy and are a wonderful blessing!
Big hugs,

Mrs. E said...

What a sweet little family! And yes, Missouri is a great place to be in the fall! Looks like your world is quite beautiful right now!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

How sweet....a new baby! Fall is breathtaking here in PA too. I love fall and try to take in it's beauty and appreciate it. Thanks for the reminder of what a glorious season fall is.

meandering pearl said...

"Autumn's glory", it should be a book!!! so beautiful!!!

such wonderful congratulations on your precious new addition!!!

loveliest golden Autumn thoughts

Suz said...


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