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September 18, 2010

**~ HaPPY SaT.~*

By Kay Foley

The above photos were taken last evening as Mark, myself, and friends
Dulcy and Jim were attending a gallery showing of Nicaragua photographs.
The event was sponsored by The Rainbow Network.  To find out more
about this mission opportunity ~ click here!

I love those boots ~ every gal needs a good pair of boots and these
and the little legs they belonged to was such a sweet shot as
they were darting behind the huge hanging photo.

The Tutu skirt reminded me of this saying by Kay Foley,
a fun artist and writer.  I've posted her card below.
Have a Wonderful wonderland of a day
and week! Blessings,
~ Katie


Janet Ghio said...

I was just going to ask you about Kay Foley--I recognize the style--i wondered if it was the Kay Foley who lives in my town. Small world!!

Jo said...

I'm lovin' those boots too - great photos! Love the poem, xx

Suz said...

Hi Katie,
That picture is absolutely wonderful and I love your quote on 9/11. I hope school is gong better now.

We are in Croatia, attending the wedding of our exchange student son. It is really thrilling. I keep getting teary. He was with us twelve years ago and now he is a man! I will put some pictures on my blog for you to see. Jud and I went to Prague first and I am still blogging on that!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your photos are
SO Joyful
and Sweet!

Our boys used to enjoy going 'Christopher Robin style' with shorts and boots on and I always Loved that!

Happy Sunday Dear One!

dulcy said...

I think those cuties were stealing the photo exhibit! More people were shooting pics. of them than looking at the art! Had a blast......