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August 28, 2010

~*Finding Inspiration!!!

Hello Friends!

I have had to be looking for and finding inspirations 
in the smallest of things and moments these days...

It seems whenever school begins ~ my right brain mode
has to lean so heavily into the left side that there is 
so little time to escape into my imaginary creative zone
(even tho it is there that I like it best!!!)

So here are some shared inspirations for you 
and maybe they will hold you and myself
over until I can get by these first few weeks
and again dive in and flow with my creative juices!

I have been dreaming in this book for some time now,
and it is inspiring me to do this ~

I have been reading and dreaming over this book, 
Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor,
and it is inspiring me to do this ~

I received my swap package from lovely Krissie
in Australia, and here is a photo of the two
very wonderful ATCs she sent to me ~

Thanks Krissie! I hope you have mine by now too!

Now I am off to prepare for my brother's birthday dinner
at his favorite club.  Next week, I hope to have some more
favorites, delights, and lovelies to read about and look at.
After all for us in the USA it is a three day weekend!
No telling what I can do with 24 more hours!!!

Blessings of love to All of you ~ Love Katie


Katsui Jewelry said...

I remember too well. I was surfing and saw that you just wrote an entry! I was really excited.

I LOVE your angel. I will have to take a peek at that book. I also think the French General one looks great. I need a Barnes and Noble run very badly!

Good luck on the beginning of school. I am glad you have your little oasis and the beautiful gifts from your friend.


Janet said...

I, too, have been searching for inspiration....not because of school but because I had some intense dental work done and lost my momentum.

LOVE the ATCs you got from Krissie. I'm so glad you played along with our swap.

summersundays-jw said...

I've found that the cooler weather has given me inspiration and being able to open up my garage door & work outside. My garage is so full that I can't get my car in. I'll slowly get it moved to Leola's. Have a good sunday. Jan

Janet Ghio said...

I love Beryl Taylors book. Your angel is wonderful!

dulcy said...

I'm inspired just reading your post about getting inspired! I imagine those extra 24 hours will do wonders... maybe we can squeeze in some time together in that slot.
Have a lovely Sunday!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

BTaylor's book is fantastic and what you've created is too Katie = Love it!

such a pretty tea table .. you had me at the paper lanterns

Happy Bday to your brother, if you are planning it I know it will be special.

lovely ATCs so much sweetness to enjoy here!
YES you deserve a 3 day weekend already!

Margaret said...

Enjoy your creative breathing space Katie, it's often just what a gal needs and we'll still be here when you get back.

I love your angel, beautiful colours and a lovely texture, she's fab! Mx

Jo said...

Lots of lovely eye-candy in this post Katie! STUNNING angel. Hope your brain balances out soon (there's not many times I can write that!) xxx

Winterwood said...

I LOVED yours too Katie, that angel is amazing! where do you get all that wonderful stuff from , we are v deprived over here with art stuff!

Patti said...

Oh- this post is right where I am- striving to find inspiration and creativity but not producing. I hate that! I am my most energetic in the morning with all kinds of ideas and plans but by the time I drag myself home after school - just can't do it! I signed up for the Red Lead Halloween post card swap in the hopes that will force me to do something. Hope this improves soon- for both of us!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you for sharing inspiration with us! Don't we all look for it? And it's so nice when others share what they find with the rest of us.

Fall is taking on a weirdness for me . . . used to mean I was headed back to school to work, no more sleeping late, and kids were finally back in routines. But no longer . . . I work on art at home, and the kids' schedules as they finish school and move on to college is now just hit and miss all the time. I kinda miss the old days - it was much more predictable.

Hope you have a great weekend!