Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

July 19, 2010

**~ Cinnamon Rolls For Lunch! **


This Week only..

 I will ...

Eat that left over cinnamon roll for lunch

Finish Mixed Mania


Use all my coffee dyed scraps up in
Mixed Media Collages

Have lunch with my best friend

Attend Kelly's baby shower Open House

Visit Leolas and take lots of pictures

Take a nap in the middle of the
afternoon when I feel like it!

Watch the movie Charade one more time

Spend the night at mom's house
and have a girlfriend party

Lay out the new pretty
 patio rug on our deck

Try very hard not to think
a lot about getting my classroom
ready for this school year

What's on Your list
this week?

I am so enjoying the KC Willis Collage Camp
this summer!  In about 2 weeks, I am going to
swing into high gear to get ready for the school year!
Because of that, I am dedicating this week to having as
much summer fun as I can!  I will be back in a little
while to share my photos of some of the things I did!

Sending wishes for a wonderful creative week my friends!


summersundays-jw said...

I'm going to have to think about this. The afternoon nap & cinnamon roll for lunch sound good -- & the visit to Leola's (you should have come today because I'm working). Maybe coffee (& cinnamon roll) with you & Dulcy. Can't believe you're already talking about going back to school. I'll call you. Stay cool! Jan

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Loving your list, looks like a fun week, enjoy!

Janet Ghio said...

Enjoy your week!! it sounds like lots of fun!!

Jon Lee said...

I have a doctor appointment. I have a lunch date with my son. I'm going to clean out my closet (Yeek!), I will not think about going back to school.

Jo said...

Try not to think about school - just savour the moment! Great list of things to do. My school term ends on Friday and then I'm off for 6 weeks, yippee! We return the the beginning of September so lots of playtime for me........and decorating, sorting, late spring cleaning etc etc :0*


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your week sounds fabulous ... you are a very good planner :)
Your artwork was already special enough before your online class, it will be fun to see what you learned

Patti said...

wow, your creativity is in full swing - front porch that is:), except when it's too hot and muggy or like now, when lightening streaks the air like zapping daggers!
cinnamon roll... hmmm... might just have to take that suggestion!
thanks bunches and bundles for your loving words of encouragement; somehow you always know just the right time:)

Oxana said...

You week sounds great!!!
I have a lot of fun at KC Collage Camp too...

Mrs. E said...

How sad is it that I have been thinking about my classroom already, too?!! (What is wrong with us??!!) : )

Patti said...

I love how you have "summerized" your life making room for so many fun creative pursuits! You inspire me Katie- you really do! Have fun!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Love everything you shared! BTW, the cinnamon roll sounds YUM! I am going to try to get some jewelry made today and hopefully have something to share this week.

Margaret said...

Fab creative to do list! mine has been shelved as the kids are on 5 wk hols and it's sooo hot. have fun! Mx

Debbi said...

Enjoy every second of summer. I LOVE teaching, but teachers do need to recoup and revel in relaxing for a spell. The cinnamon roll sounds especially wonderful (thing it would stand shipping to SC?)
Miss you my dear friend and it saddens me that my girls have not grown up getting to know you.

Relyn said...

Two weeks?? Surely that's not right?! Say it ain't so.

Melinda Cornish said...

I dont feel ambitious enough this morning to even think about a list.....I think I will just wing it! Yours is great though...Isnt it scary how the summer just flys by......

Tarnished and Tattered said...


I just love your blog too! My very favorite thing about blogging is getting a comment from someone I never knew, visiting their blog & being swept away in what they do. I love your creations with Paper Whimsy. I've never purchased anything from them, I need to go check it out because I've seen some amazing things done with their images. Have fun with the cinni rolls, the class room & the book (which I own too). Lisa