Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

February 21, 2010

<* My HeArT iS FuLL *>

My Heart is Full

My feet are light ~ I feel like dancing!

My friend Linda got to go home
from the hospital!

A special student brought me
Beautiful Roses
The weather was in the 50's today!

I got to spend time at a rescue shelter
for dogs and cats!


Two of my OWOH winnings
arrived in the mail today.

Mary's exquisite tatted snowflake
From the talented and most gracious
new friends ~ Mary and Vicki.

Victoria's dainty heart

I had a wonderful visit and family reunion
planning breakfast with my sister
and brother in law!
The SW Missouri siblings are hosting
this year ~ what fun we have planned!
We went to Andy's for ice cream!
The Olympics are providing great entertainment!
Finding new and old blog friends to read and enjoy!

2 Bags Full - Vicki's blog (fabulous give aways and a
knitter/fiber artist's haven)

Julia and her cemerony share and Julia and Co. blogs
showcase her beautiful artistic style
 (she is becoming my most favorite artist!)

I will soon be sharing some of the fabulous artists I met
in the One World One Heart event in
my upcoming posts!

What is filling your heart these days?
I would love to know!


Janet said...

This post is so filled with good things. Just reading it made me smile and feel happy.

I'm enjoying our good weather, all my great blog friends, and just life in general.

TamboinMO said...

I always love coming by your blog...you always somehow remind me to celebrate the smalls :)

Mrs. E said...

50 degrees?! Oh, my! Snowy, icy, nasty here. So I came to my happy place--your blog!! :)

Snugglebug Blessings said...

It was in the 50s for me too today! Had my doors opened to air out my house while I cleaned it. Felt so good to clean my house with the doors opened. A hint of Spring perhaps??? If it could just come just a bit sooner, I would be ever so greatful. Glad you had a precious day! God bless, Cathy

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

A lovely post as always dear Katie!
I am enjoying winter ... there is so much beauty all around us

I am so very thankful for the beautiful bridge blogging conitnues to provide
... getting to connect with special people like yourself is a real treat and blessing!

Patti said...

50's??? the only 50's I have been seeing lately are my friends' ages-lol. Wow- such abundance you are blessed with! Enjoy your week, Katie!

dulcy said...

I'm feeling blessed just reading your post! But also because a dreaded surgery is over and done with, I'm crocheting like mad and loving what's evolving, finally sketching and writing. My dear husband is taking such good care of me (I'm gonna owe big time!). Beautiful lavender crocus are up all over the yard. I mean thousands! Oh....and tonight "Lost" is on!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooh, I love your collages! Your banner is adorable also. I found your comment on Dawn's blog and here I am subscribed to you also. Marcy


Patti said...

your post makes me smile... I think you have a wonderful sense of creativity and love for art and the world around you. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cat said...

So happy for you!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Thank you all for your very kind comments! I am doing my best to visit each of you and express my sincere appreciation! You are the best group of blog friends ~ and I am so glad you are out there! Many many blessings dear ones!

Melinda Cornish said...

they all are wonderful things...isnt being grateful the best?

Relyn said...

I am struggling not to be jealous. I LOVE tatting. Love it!

vicki said...

Katie - I am so very glad that you love the little heart. That one heart event was certainly alot of fun! Thanks for posting about the heart on you beautiful, beautiful blog. Enjoy - and think of a friend (me) when youwear it!