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December 5, 2009

*~^*WhO ~*~ KNew*?*^~*

The  little Joys and Discoveries
are sometimes the absolute


As I write this I am in complete bliss!

It's Saturday morning

and I am still in my flannel PJ pants
and last year's Target
"Christmas Bird in a Santa's hat" tee
drinking warm coffee.

I have just completed putting all of
my student's name in glitter
on their stockings

And I have all my
little gift treasures
laid out on my kitchen island to wrap ~

and I'm thinking
of this past week

and all the
little joys
season brings...

I discovered Birthday Cake ice cream this week
from my 8 year old friend.
Try it ~ it's wonderful!

Our neighbors have just finished
putting up their outlandish
Christmas light display ~
it makes me smile everytime
I pass it!

It thrills my heart to know
that my brother dresses up
like Santa to bring
joy to his employees
and their children
at his store.

I attended Winter Fest
last night and met up
with old friends
and made some
new ones

It was so much fun volunteering
for the childrens' Christmas Store
at our Library this year!

I love what a friend wrote to
me this morning ~ 

she is somewhat disheartened
at the sight of the mass
and the materialisn of
the shopping crowds
that you find this time of year~

she still finds that at times ~
she is able to connect with
someone's  eyes

and together they share
The Christ of Christmas
with each other.

To me this is the best thought ~

to look at others and
see the goodness,

share the hope ~

the fellowship,

the rebirth,
of everything good,


May your week be extra blessed
as you share Christmas
with those around

The above photo were all taken by me, My 8 year old girlfriend
 is Sloane, we had an art play date earlier this week.
The talented Jewelry artist is Barbara Foley, from Yesteryears. 
The Christmas Store is located at the Library Center and is opened through
this Sunday!  The young customer is our school counselor's daughter.
The angel art hanging is from one of my earliest Christmas creations
when I was just starting to dabble in altered collage art.


summersundays-jw said...

I want some of that blue ice cream. Christmas doesn't have to be about all the materialism, does it? Sounds like you're having a good Sat. Nothing better then a Sat. morning when you can sit in your flannel pj's & drink coffee & spread glitter all over the house. Jan

Patti said...

What a wonderfully Christmasy week you had! Looks like you and Sloane had a great time! All your treasures look precious; lucky recipients! Enjoy another Christmas-filled week! Hugs!

Mrs. E said...

Ice cream! Sounds delicious! So many wonderful moments. I love this season!

David said...

Birthday Cake ice cream! Sounds interesting!

With regard to the rabbits at the Winnie & Tulula's Christmas open house, a charity organization, Rabbit Rescue, was at the opening accepting donations. As I understand it, they find homes for rescued or unwanted rabbits. Also, there was a small cover charge to get into the sneak preview event on Friday night and that money went to Rabbit Rescue as well.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lovely post and pics!!!
I always think of my smile as a sign of Peace and I smile often at strangers and often get the nicest reactions!
Happy December!
p.s that is one lucky class to have you as a teacher!

Miss Sandy said...


My spirits were sagging until I visited here and read your post. You were just what I needed, thanks for helping me to be thankful! I love the sprinkling of Christmas Spirit here.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Thank you sweet friend...I'm waiting to get word from the hospital and your post brought a smile to my face.

The stockings that you made for your students brought back such fond memories of my childhood, I need to make some of these again.

I would love a bite of that ice cream...I'll have to try that!

So nice to know that you are in the holiday spirit and your little friend Sloane is ADORABLE!!

Love and hugs,

Nathalie Thompson said...

Beautiful post.
Christmas *bliss*.

Relyn said...

Who is that adorable child?? Oh, Katie. You are truly the best imaginary auntie a little girl could ever have. You gave Sloane the very best time ever. She's still talking about it. Isn't it funny that in our own efforts at giving, we often receive the most blessings? I find that God is most often like that.

Margaret said...

awesome post from start to finish!! Mx