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November 1, 2009

Fleeting Childhood ~ Falling Leaves

I was blessed to live the first 10 years of my life
 on an idealytic farm complete with a big red barn
 and custom built (by my dad) orchard treehouse.

Fall was always a mysterious time of the year
for me.  I rode a school bus and crossed
through the orchard and climbed over a wooden
ladder (carefully as I wore little dresses my
seamtress grandmother designed and
sewedfor me). Then I walked to an open field 
by my dad's propane tanks that had a gravel lane
 for the bus to drive into and picked us up.

It was always an adventure to see
what orchard fruit the trees were producing and
dropping...   if black walnuts, then my brother

and I would pick and sack them up for sale
 until our hands were dark brown.
At times it was persimmons,
I can still remember my first bitter taste.

While I was hoping for more a peachy/apricot
delight, I tasted the strange sensation
and had to spit it our quickly.

Even today I love the mysteries of Fall,
the leaves turning (seemingly overnight)
the smells, the briskness of the morning air,
the brighter than summer days sun,
and the sounds and whispers
that puts nature to sleep.

The taste of apples, candy corn, popcorn,
and cider.  The squeals of costume kids
dreaming of stuffed bags of happy delights,
make me shiver with mystery.
I love Fall!

I love the days leading up to family get togethers,
with familiar recipes, out of town relatives,
road trips to visit them,
planning for the Holidays.

As I write this I am looking out over our back yard
covered almost completely in leaves.
Young Ollie's little head popping up as he
chases the falling leaves.
And sweet older Heide
underneath the wooden bench
waiting for Ollie to calm down and come lay
beside her.

Fall Always blesses me
And I hope and pray
it is blessing


All pictures were taken by me at Leolas except the top one which is from
Capt. Piper.  And the pictures of mom, brother John, and Jaclyn at
her Oct. birthday get together And the one of Lauren's children
 on Halloween this year. The last one is of the apron I found at
Leolas for Silver Bella vendors night.


Pam Aries said...

What a sweet , nostalgic lovely post. it really took me back.. Thank you!

Linda said...

Beautiful post! Love your apron! See you in less than two weeeeeks!

Mrs. E said...

I love this! Fall makes me feel this way, too.

Love your walk to the bus and that your grandmother sewed for you. Barns and the bus and grandma's sewing were all part of my childhood, too!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Everything is just beautiful here. I love the bootles!! :) Have a wonderful November. Blessings to you!

David said...

Great post! My grandparents had persimmon trees on their property in Oklahoma. I ate a few, but decided they were best left for the possums!

Margaret said...

wonderful post! love your Fall memories and your superb artwork Mx

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

What an ideal childhood...sure beats growing up in the concrete jungle like me! It's still my dream to live on a farm, one day!

I too love this time of year and the older I get the more I love it.

Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful photos!

Love and hugs,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Leola's looks wonderful! Thank you for taking us to school today. I felt like I was walking to the bus with you. ~Mindy

Miss Sandy said...

Such lovely fall memories. Are you going to Silver Bella? Lucky you if you are!

Relyn said...

I love reading about your childhood. This is a fabulous post. Of course, I love seeing all your Halloweeney goodies. I am especially in love with Sloan's lineament, even if it is spelled differently. Your apron is adorable. You'll be the cutest one there!!

Patti said...

I love the way you look at life, holding and shaking the joy and memory and experience until you're bursting with it all... this post, as all, is magnificent and I was right beside you!!

raggedy hugs!

Anna said...

can hardly wait to see pics of the apron party :) you look perfectly adorable!! I have something headed your way for the silver bella...... hope it gets there in time? xo, anna

a fun Fall frolicking post!

Patti said...

What a magical post Katie!!! Ah the mysteries of fall...if only it would last longer! And I so want to visit Leola's sometime- it looks heavenly. Glad you got your card from me... take care~

Dee Dee said...

Such a sweet post. I, too, love what Fall brings.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the fall too! You described it perfectly!

dulcy said...

Hello Friend.....had such a good time at Leola's the other night! I'm so into the bottles. Am embellishing some I've had for a long time. Love the barn picture! Is that where you lived? The sky is gorgeous!!!! Hope to chat over the weekend.


Patti said...

Finally made it to your studio blog! Your post was sooo creative! Thanks!!!! Happy weekend- enjoy our Indian Summer!

Relyn said...

I like your new banner, sweat pea.

Pam Aries said...

OMG! I got my package and I love LOVE LOVE aeverything..the tafs are goreous and the collage sheets will be put to good use! MERCI...Pam

sew revived said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to meet you at SB!
Love your Studio!! I'll be following all your creativity!!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Such a lovely post!!!

On my walks there are two wild persimmon trees, I too can remember my first puckery taste of one not yet ripe...that cotton mouth feeling lasted a long long time ;)

Fall IS a beautiful season and you captured it in words and images so beautifully!