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October 8, 2009

~Extreme Heart Makeover*

Maybe you saw our fair city on last week's Extreme Makeovers
They had a page spread about it in our local newspaper today
What stood out the most to me was the gracious way the family
received this humongo gift.  They were so genuine and
 unpretenious in all of the remarks they made to reporters. 
They and all the people in our community who
supported this effort, made me so proud to be
a Springfieldian.

After watching all of the festivities and reading the newspaper
 articles, I am convinced that there are two kinds of people: 

those who wish it would happen to them and
wonder "how can I get me some of that?"

And then there are those who wish to find someone
 to help like that with whatever resources they can give.

I don't which category is yours, but I know which one I wish
to be in, so through some soul seaching, prayer,
 and being led to just the right place,
I have came up with a way I think I can use
 what I have to bless and help others.
to "give back." 

I found this on a lovely blog called Clearly Vintage 
where they had a journals for
cancer patients challenge. 
Well, I am way late for their challenge,
but I am not too late to challenge myself
 to make some journals that cancer patients can use to
write down their cancer journey. 

This is especially precious to me as I currently
 have two dear friends battling cancer
and my mom is a five year survivor. 
How can I not help this most worthy cause.

I love giving back and would love to hear of other ways
you or someone you know or even something you heard
about that is a way of "giving back" ~
so please let me know.
Happy Creating Blessings!

Gratfully Yours~*

I was the lucky recipitent of a RAK from
Barb Johnson and a package of her backgrounds.
I am having so much fun playing with all of the
textures and colors.  The image is from Itkupilli 
and all are part of my "I'm no angel" altered art series which
I am happily working on now. Please visit my studio blog for more updates.

In my blog visits tonight (Thursday) I found Amanda at Maygreen Fairies
that she is hosting a handmade for Haiti sale.  How wonderfully gracious Amanda!


David said...

I don't claim to know you well, but I've witnessed a slice of your character through your blog and comments on mine. I can't say that I'm surprised by the generosity. Kudos! And God bless you.

Patti said...

Your life is such a testimony to kindness and goodness- good for you! I aspire to live a life like you are leading! I love the art you posted- gorgeous~ Have a lovely weekend~

cindymeguiar@yahoo.com said...

What a wonderful idea! One of my favorite "giving" stories involves a lady in our church. She has a 40 year old severely handicapped son that she cares for AND her husband is bedridden. She wanted to be involved in ministry in our church but was limited to what she could do since she was caregiver to her son and husband. My husband ("the Rev") discovered a ministry called prayer shawls. This lady loves to crochet....so now she crochets shawls which she brings to our church. They are taken into a small chapel and placed on an altar. Every Sunday a different person prays in the prayer chapel for the worship service that is taking place and for the people who will get the prayer shawls. My husband has a prayer shawl that this woman made for him. During our prayer service in the sanctuary, a member of the church places the prayer shawl on my husband as my husband kneels to pray for our congregation, others on our prayer list, and in behalf of all those who have been given prayer shawls by our church. We have given away hundreds. Anybody in our church can get a shawl and give to anyone that they choose. We have prayer shawls all over our city, our state, the country, and in several foreign countries. There is nothing "magical" about the shawl. When we give someone the shawl, we just tell them that the shawl is a reminder that others are praying for them and when they place the shawl on their shoulders.....they can be reminded that they are being held in the arms of God. I think this is an incredible ministry! It is made even more beautiful by the fact that this woman, who has so many burdens of her own, sits, crochets, and prays for people as she makes these shawls. I know this is a vERY long post.......but I couldn't think of a way to make a "Cliff Note Version". God bless your new ministry!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This is a beautiful loving way to give back ~ thanks so much for sharing this story!

Anna said...

what a great site! (clearly vintage)... I was just looking at the over abundance of "crafty stuff" and wondering - one how do I get rid of it... or two what could I do with it, that someone else could benefit from it? this could be my answer.... :0 <---- aha moment


Patti said...

Oh how glad I am to be considered a Rag-pal; you are such an incredible person/artist/steward.
Glad to read about the journal project (I had an idea for taking some to the halfway house for women - maybe I will be motivated by you!

Mrs. E said...

Having watched and worked on a Home Makeover, too--I totally agree with you. And I knew which side I wanted to be on, too.

Pam Aries said...

What a lovely post. I thin kyou idea of making the journals is awesome. I had 2 great friends pass away from cancer within 6 months of each other. What you are doing is so heartfelt. You are a sweetheart.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a wonderful idea on how to give help! Thank you for sharing this idea! Making journals for cancer patients is AWESOME!

Relyn said...

Oh, Katie. This is just a perfect reflection of your loving heart. You've made me tear up. I love you, sweet pea.

Melinda Cornish said...

Ok miss Katie...How can I do this with you and where do the journals go...I am more than willing and able....Melinda

dulcy said...

Hey Sweetie....love this post! I'm just so happy to have wonderful friends who give back in many different ways all the time. I hope I'm doing the same in my small contributions.


Julia said...

Thanks so much for visiting my shop and blog! I spent some time on yours and I had a great time !

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Your a just a gem. I loved this post. :)

meandering pearl said...

oh im thinking about it now...how wonderful you are!!!
dear thoughts

Margaret said...

I love this post, what a kind and generous soul you are Katie. Such a wonderful project to be involved in. Mx

Sandra Evertson said...

What a lovely idea and a wonderful post!
Sandra Evertson