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September 26, 2009

*~You can't always Get What You Want*~

I was racing home last week to see,
of all things, a premiere of a favorite TV Show.
It was a race against the clock,
one in which I was sure to lose.

I was so intent on pressing my gas peddle
closer to the floor with one eye on the passing minutes
on the clock, that I almost missed it....

A georgeous Missouri Sunset.

I immediately went from rushing home
to rushing to the next hill
that would give me a better view.
I had almost missed seeing it,
a beautiful sight that has me still smiling
as I think about it.
I can only say Thank you God for allowing
me this glimpse of your created glory.


And I think... how many times have I missed
the precious small gifts of life
because my eyes have been focused on something else,
Something bigger or more important in my mind.
When the truth of it is

I have more than I need to make me happy
if I would just slow down and look around me.

~*You can't always get what you need,
but if you try sometimes...
You get what you need*~
Here to you getting just what you need this week!

I acturally dressed up as Mick Jagger one Halloween. All I did was wear some
tight Levis, one of my brother's white tank tees, and I
drew big lips on my face with liner. When I chose this picture
of Mick to use, Mark said, "He looks so human"
Well the picture is dated 1969. I don't think he had his crazy
freak flag flying so high then. But the Rolling stones have given
us some memorable sound bites to our lives.


summersundays-jw said...

Guess we all forget to look around us sometimes. Thanks for reminding me. Have a good week. Jan

common ground said...

I can always count on you for inspiration. Love the part about Mick, I can actually see that, but ohhhhh, you are so much "prettier"!
I have an award for you over at my place. I know so many have been handed out, and not everyone wants to perpetuate them, but I wanted to honor you from my heart!
Have a great week, Katie,

Relyn said...

So? What was the show. Come on. Don't leave me hanging.

Anna said...

KT - great post.... great reminder to shut out the blinders that make us forget to see the EVERYDAY beauty, right in front of us..... I have to remind myself approximately 10 x's a day... patience.... patience... I'm already SOOOOO sad that I don't take enough time to just laugh with my kids.... or just appreciate them for who they are RIGHT now.... and not hope for the next phase where they might be a little more independent.... they are only little for a short time.... in fact I currently have little BOYS.... they are officially over the baby phase.... while I don't really miss it (the diapers and late nights) I do miss their CUTE CUTE baby faces... (sigh!) thanks for the reminder and beautiful sunset.
lots of love,
annie bunannie!
(my childhood nickname)

Mrs. E said...

I love this post!! And the Missouri sunset!

Patti said...

Hi! Love the post! I am a sunset junkie and love a good sunrise as well! I love the pic of Mick and your explanation of it. Before I read it, I was thinking what a great unusually good picture it was of him. Makes sense now. Have a wonderful week!!! Hope all is good!

PS- I agree with Relyn...what was the show????

Jerusalem said...

what a great reminder to slow down and notice what is right there in front of me! it was this time 2 years ago that we got to come visit you guys! what a great trip that was, and what a blessing you and Mark were to us!!

Patti said...

Wild horses couldn't drag me away from your blog lady! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo and your revelation about the need to stop and appreciate the beauty all around us. And yeah, Mick does look like a real person in this shot - thanks for sharing!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog today... I was feeling a bit down... your photo of the beautiful sunset is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it... we start each day out with our Nature walk, quiet and calming... I do many posts about our Nature walks, please visit me again soon... I will visit you often... Bisous... Julie Marie

Pam Aries said...

Isn't that the best..! Most people would have never even seen the sunset no matter what. Nature Rocks. When I was traveling back and forth from coast to coast I can't tell you how many times I stopped to look at the sky..I took more pictures of the clouds than anything else! THat is one of my favorite songs ever..in my top 10.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a beautiful post!!! This is so true and something I definitely need to do!! Thank you so much for the inspiring post and for dropping by my blog! I LOVE your art!!