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August 22, 2009

~Living Like Hepburn * In A Hilton World~*

On our weekend date,
Mark and I went to a favorite bookstore
where we love to gather a few books
and meet in the cafe
to share a cinnamon scone
and have
conversations about the books
that have captured our attention!
This time,
I picked up the wonderful new arrival ~
How To Be A Hepburn
in a Hilton World
The Art of Living with Style, Class, and Grace.
By Jordan Christy

Inside I discovered how Jordan gave a voice
to some of the issues
I have been thinking about
Mainly... Where are all the
ladies in our current day culture
hiding out these days?
it was a short, easy to enjoy book,
I ended up reading the book
right there on the spot!
In summary
here are some of the things
this book had to say ~
Today's women need to take back
our dignity by being real women
brains, beauty, and self respect.
(As opposed to the women the media
gives all the attention to ~ so aptly put...
with the antics of some women the tabloids
have no need to print stories about
two headed alien babies.)

Some of the advice and tips were...
(what I like to refer to my classroom talk as
"no brainers")

Get rid of the short short skirts
and sheer cleavage showing tops.
Ditch getting drunk
and using colorful language.
Why settle for K-Fed type guys just
because you are lonely and desparate.
Stand up taller - improve your posture.
Get rid of reality shows
and become a woman of interest ~
take a pilates or yoga class instead.
Build up your mind,
work harder,
make eye contact,
Do nice things for other people.
Less is more in the make up department.
Choose your friends wisely.

This is a book I would love for all my nieces
and young friends to read.
It is a good quick read for all women.
With lots of references to Audrey Hepburn
and Jane Austin ~ with a lot of suggestions
on developing your own style

I loved it and think
most women would too
as it confirms what a lot of us are already
thinking about


Patti said...

Hi! Your post was wonderful- that book sounds like it should be required reading in high schools...How hard is it to live a life like that though? Darn the media and society that makes it "attractive" for girls and women to act otherwise.
Hope you had a nice weekend...
(Also- I think I may have commented on your giveaway week posts)

Pam Aries said...

I agree, and often wonder what some of these trashy celebs are thinking! OMG!!!

summersundays-jw said...

Amen sister!!!! I could go off on this subject for hours but I won't. I'll have to get the book for my g'daughters to read some day. Jan

Mrs. E said...

You have me with the title!! I'm going to be hunting this one!

Margaret said...

great review, thank you! I'll be ordering this one, even the title has a real grab to it. M

Linda said...

Amen, indeed!

Relyn said...

I'll have to read it. I thought it was interesting that the author included eye contact. I also think it is so important that I include it in my lesson plans every single day.

Frank said...

Agree with all of it! Would love to read it....Let's have coffee soon and discuss...

K. Hutson said...

I think I need to read this book.....this is what I want...class in a classless world

one only has to watch Reality TV or go to WalMart to see this....ugh...

Drawn to The Sea said...

Wonderful thoughts... to try to add to them would be gilding the lily.


meandering pearl said...

i accidentally clicked on your blog but it was probably not an accident because this post is just what i needed today{its been a long week}
what a joy when inspiration beckons!!! i must read it!
loveliest thoughts & wishes for you & for your beautiful blog

Sue said...

Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring post. I am off to track down the book right now!!

Sue E.