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August 14, 2009

* My Art Show ~ Artists To Love!~*

Dear Friends,


I thought I would show you an

Art show

I am having at my house.

I am so fortunate to have collected

Art from some lovely friends like the

incredibly talented

A handcrafted tag from

Miss Sandy

and a button Angel from


A magical wand


This sweet inspiring tin
was made by Lia

Art Doll
by Karen Gartel

A matchbox altered by Dulcy

And one of her hangers
using an unusual photograph she found
in her basement.

Love the bluebird.

Mermaid Art Doll
created by
Angela Harris.

will be posting more photos
from my Art Show
so that
can have the
visit their blogs
and get to
Click on Artist names to go to their blogs/websites!


Lucy said...

What a beautiful gallery of such inspiring art from so many talented individuals! I love them all! Thank you for showing one of my pieces. You definitely made my day!

Mrs. E said...

I can't wait to check out their blogs. Ah the vintage art!! And thank you for my beautiful gift bag of goodies!! I'm in heaven!

summersundays-jw said...

I'm going to check the blogs out right now. What talented people. Do you think we could have coffee one morning before school starts? Let me know. Jan

David said...

Very creative stuff! Thank you so much for the circus collage sheet! I gave it to my daughter. She loves to make scrapbooks and she was very excited to get the vintage images to work with!

Pam Aries said...

I really love this..it is so nice to find and meet new artiists and see their blogs..thank you my dear! What a great idea.

Anna said...

cool beans!! what amazing art you have from talented and treasured friends!! I should take your lead and follow to share art with everyone :) Thanks for the inspiration. xo, amt

Relyn said...

I am loving your art show. And the generous idea behind it. If I were to do one, guess who would be the starring artist.

Why, you of course!

natalea said...

such a beautiful collection of fantastic art! thanks for sharing with us! xo natalea

Miss Sandy said...

What a sweetie pie you are to include me in your art show! Thank you, I am honored. Isn't it fun to collect art from others? I love this idea and I may have to snag it for a future post if that is OK with you.

Patti said...

Hi Katie! Thanks so much for including me in your art show- I really appreciate it! You have cool pieces there Girlie and some really talented friends!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope your year has gotten off to a wonderful start~

dulcy said...

Oh my.......I recognize the little statue in the back of the first shot. He is so cute and such a great color. I had forgotten about the little boy holding the bird. Thanks for including that. Time goes by so fast, with so much crafting going on, I forget what I've done in the past! I'm so happy and lucky to have seen all of your art show in person! Hope your first week went well, and was uneventful in a "good way". Miss you!