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July 17, 2009

The SwEEtNeSs Of LiFe!

~Cooling off with the sprinkler~

~The beauty of summer flowers~

~Gulf Coast Sunset~

~Purchasing a cupcake
from a sidewalk vendor~

~lemonade, orange soda, root beer~

~Dancing your heart out~

~Paper flowers from Leola's~

~Vintage bird swap, give aways,
and gift treasures~

~close up of connie's beautiful handiwork~

~The smell and look
of a second hand bookstore~

~A new nephew furbaby~

~Happy Singing bluebirds~

~Beautiful smiling friends~

Dear Friends,
You may have noticed my new banner,
after finding this vintage photo of this
little miss ~ I knew she was
my summer banner girl!
After fashioning a banner for her ~
I needed a quote.
When I couldn't find one that I felt fit her,
I made up my own.
Then that got me started on this post ~
Life is so full of sweet things
as we look around in our lives,
and that is my hope and prayer for you
That you would savor the sweet things
all around you everyday.
At mid-summer I am always in a rush to get
everything I wanted to do in... and sometimes
I may miss that one person, that one sunrise,
that one magical just for me moment
that makes our lives more meaningful
and worthwhile.
So I am wishing time to savor
these things for you today!
Blessings on all your summer days!
Check back next week for:
inside a Seaside Flea Market, and some Summer Give Aways
(hint: Circus Tins and a great summer book!)


summersundays-jw said...

Wish I was better at stopping & smelling the roses. Love your new header. Thanks for always supporting us at Leola's -- we are so appreciative. See you this week. Jan

Mrs. E said...

Ah, Katie!! I love your new banner--and that quote! (I may have to borrow it for my Quoth She blog!) Your sweetness of life--couldn't agree more. (That bookstore is right down by alley!)

TamboinMO said...

Reading your blog always makes me smile!

David said...

Kindness, compassion and grace! AMEN!

Linda said...

Love your new banner!

dulcy said...

Oh! I just LOVE those 2 little bluebirds! What a fun day we had.....Let's do it again soon!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Katie this was a beautiful post!!!! It may even be on the top of my all time favorite list! So inspiring and so from the heart...I just love it.
Speaking of love...I love your new banner! She's such a Summer sweetie...she's perfect!
everything vintage

Relyn said...

The first thing I did when I had a moment was stop by to catch up. What a wonderful, you-full post. You are such an amazing person. Love you.

Anna said...

GREAT post! love the birdies , the furbaby, dancing your heart out..... your new blog look...... (sorry I have been away for a while) Thanks for keeping us inspired my lovely Katie..... xo, anna

Also, I have been reading your amazing reviews on Good Reads... I was looking for a new book and now I am intrigued by Twilight! I ended up reading Pride and Prejudice ... I finished Sense and Sensibility... since I was into her writing style... I just keep going.... and I have never had read it.... it's about time right? (to read that classic) :) xo, anna

Bobbi said...

Love this and hope that you are able to stop a while too. You bless so many people... be a blessing for you!

Love you, my soul sister!
Bobbi G