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".. from my ragged heart to yours"

July 27, 2009

**~SiNg Your SoNg!~**

Dear Friends,

I have wanted to write and share this post
for so long!!! As many of you know, I teach
1st grade, and one of the things I love
so much about this age is their williness
to try new things!
"How quiet the forest would be if only
the birds with the beautiful voices sang,"
is one of my favorite sayings.
It has became even more meaningful
as I keep blogging and try out
new ways to create art.
Of course I look at other truly
creative, original, And Overwhelmingly
talented bloggers and artists out there
(And my top hat is sincerely off
in a BIG way to you!)
And I could easily fold into
a big pale pile of nothingness when
I compare myself to them.
But I am choosing instead to

This is my

*~My Wish Jar~*

And I am taking the lid off

to wish for you





And if you are not singing it

that you would throw off

whatever is holding you back

and go for it!


And as you do ~ be sure to let me know

because I would want to know~

I believe in


And now...for


A Week Of Give Aways!!!

For the first of my give aways
I have chosen these two Art tags!
I have been loving reading
Aldered Art Circus
and my summer creations are showing
this book's influence and inspirations!
If you would like a chance to win these
all you need to do is leave me a comment
at the end of this post!
Top photograph by the very talented Rosie Hardy.
Click on this link: onelegonehanddance.wmv
to watch a beautiful dance performed by 2 beautiful dancers
using what they have (and not letting what they don't keep them from it)
to create something beautiful together!


jenX said...

awesome post! that photo you chose for it so beautiful as are your tags. a visit here never disappoints.

Pam Aries said...

What a joyously wodrous and delightful post! I a m singing my heART out! I a m so happy we met! Peace Love and happiness! Love that photo

summersundays-jw said...

What a wonderful post. It did what was intended -- made me think. Jan

Patti said...

Hi Katie~ What a great post~ I do so agree with you on "singing" just not there yet in the confidence department. I love what you have created this summer- you know I am a huge fan of yours~

Bobbi said...

I have the quote about the biords framed in my office. Amazing that we walk along the same path so very often.
Thanks for your friendship and sisterhood.


dulcy said...

Well....after my little trip to the Ringley Circus Museum this summer...I'm just "mad" for circus art. Oh Katie...I really wish you had been there with me. So much to see! I just never thought of the circus as that inspiring. Maybe my next hooked project should be circus themed. What do you think? By the way, just absolutely adorable, lovely, circus tags!!


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to read your blog! I just embroidered the words "Sing your Song" on a piece for a Silver Bella swap. I love that phrase. I look forward to meeting you in November at SB. I'm also on CPA and Linda is a dear friend with whom I am going to SB! All that to say I enjoyed your post and blog. Virginia Burrows

David said...

Very uplifting and inspiring post! You're good like that! Love that first picture too!

Relyn said...

I am ready for you and I to sing together again. When shall we? Are you free next week? I have to tell you - I totally love this post.

As I am so very, very multiply blessed with your art, don't add my name into your giveaways this week. I know where I can find you. And. I know just how to smile to get my own goodies. ha.

Love you.

Sue said...

The quote you featured really hit home for me - as a special ed. teacher. In June I did a collage project with my 3rd grade girl students - how wonderful to see what these little charmers created when given the opportunity!

Sue E.

natalea said...

these art tags are GORGEOUS! just love them! xo natalea

Melinda Cornish said...

I love your wish jar and the sentiment....I am taking it to heart!