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June 24, 2009

~**Fanning Flames**~

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter
with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people
who rekindle the inner spirit.
~Albert Schweitzer

*~Dear Friends ~*
Since I began blogging 2 years ago
I have met the most incredible, kind, and
generous people who have often
rekindled my inner spirit.
I am so blessed to call them friends.
Most have came into my blog life
and fanned my low flickering flame
at times when I have needed an extra spark!

So with a grateful heart
I would like to devote this post to some of them~
I hope my readers will visit them
and discover for yourself
how wonderful they truely are ~
(the sisterhood of the traveling altered book)
have offered advice, encouragement, and
kinship from the very start!
The adorable, talented, and sweet Jodi
who was my swap partner in one of the
sweet repeater's swaps,
who has been an incredible resource,
inspiration, and blog friend to me!

And Patti ~ always inspiring me

with her poetry and words describing

life all around us and stirring up and giving
life to our deeply rooted emotions.
To all of you I say Thank You
for feeding my soul and
fanning my
Love and Blessings,
It is my hope that each Wed. I am going to post my gratitude
to my wonderful blog friends!


jen said...

Your blog is always inspirational. I always feel peaceful when I'm reading here. I read something on another blog the other day - a list of 10 people this blog can't live without. this reminds me of that.

Did Shane Claiborne make it to Missouri yet?

The Feathered Nest said...

Katie, this is the most wonderful post!!!! I feel the same way...our friends lift us up, encourage us and inspire us ~ what a wonderful community!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Margaret said...

I recently discovered your Blog via Nathalie and I couldn't agree more! such a privilege to be part of this Blog community. M

summersundays-jw said...

You're always an inspiration to me. I probably wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for you. Jan

Linda said...

Ohhhhhhhhh....how sweet. You had me at the picture! And then I find my name! Thanks for fanning MY flame! love you!!!

Mrs. E said...

Can't wait to read your shares! The blogs that inspire the inspirational!! : )

Nathalie Thompson said...

Well, shucks and golly gee!

Oh, I like that "Sisterhood of the Traveling Altered Book". Sounds movie worthy!

Katie, I think you inspired me first. Thanks for the shout out. :)

Patti said...

Katie~ What a beautiful post! And the picture is gorgeous!!! I feel the same way- I treasure my blog friends and love that I have gotten to know you! You are truly a blessing in my life; always so uplifting and inspiring! Thanks for all you do!!!

common ground said...

Katie, I would love a "get together" for lunch. email me. The photo on this post just says it all.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Gosh Katie, what a beautiful tribute to those who mean so much to you. The photo is so fitting and your words are so beautiful...
everything vintage

Jerusalem said...

what a great idea! You have touched the hearts and lives of many with your warm, welcoming spirit & creative spark - always open and giving!!! thanks for blogging and for being you : )

Pam Aries said...

hello Hello! thanks for coming over! I love it when I meet new fun bloggers! I have been blogging and arting with Janet over the past 3 years or so..she is a great gal. I love your blog and now you are on my caravan..! Peace, Pam: I love your banner..yeah!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

What a lovely post! I am a big fan of Linda and Nathalie's. Thank you for so many nice links to check out!
The land of blog is a special place indeed!
~*~ Patty

Anna said...

BEAUTIFUL fireflies pic!! did you take it? What a great post... I followed your links and found some new fun and inspiring blogs... thanks for sharing. Thanks for inspiration (as always) LOVE the name ...sisterhood of the traveling book.... fun fun fun :)

dulcy said...

Love the Commercial St. pics.! Let's take a day trip....thanks so much with your help at Tera's shower. We're still enjoying the punch!