Ragamuffin Gal

".. from my ragged heart to yours"

May 25, 2009

~*AHhhhhh SuMMeR~*~!

Dear Friends ~

Summer is ...

Laying in the grass with a good friend..

Styling in your sunglasses!

Reading a good book!

Dancing with friends...

Trips to Leola's..

Eating popsicles on the porch and sharing the jokes
on the sticks..

Being with a Dear Friend on her Happy Day!

Wishing friends a Happy Retirement!
and wondering how you will make it through some
school days without them there

Having a free day to go to the bookstore
to read and drink iced coffee...

Hula Hooping ..

Enjoying the days ~

because all too soon ~

Summer will be past!

Here's wishing you a wonderful beginning of summer! Please write and tell me what your favorite activities are during the summer! For more school pictures please visit my 101 Happys blog and to see what I'm creating this summer ~ visit Ragamuffin Gal's Studio blog.


Mrs. E said...

Summer is swimming!! What a great post!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Such a sweet post! Enjoy your summer!!!!

ps...Summer is...work for me but I am lucky that I have work and can work!

everything vintage

Anna said...

fun post! wish I could have joined u for a frappe - I have yet to pick up an artful blogging mag.... I love somerset.... (I ordered the green art issue - can't wait til it comes :) We have our last wk of school (3 days worth) then pack up for disneyland with the fam... should be nice and HOT but none the less fun. enjoy your summer - you were missed and you are loved - xo anna

Krista said...

I LOVED all of those great pictures! Summer is . . . just relaxing!


Sheri said...

Hope you have a great summer and we get to see each other sometime during the summer! I am so happy for Dulcy, getting to retire at such a young age. Lucky her. You can l tell people you're still WAAAY too young to think about retiring! (Sorry Dulcy, that didn't sound good did it?)

Patti said...

Hi Katie! I love this post- I think you captured all of Summer's infinite possibilities! Lucky you- we still have 5 days- 1 1/2 with the 8th graders though (whoot). It sure sounds like you are enjoying yourself~ go right ahead~ you deserve it!

summersundays-jw said...

Good for Dulcy! Summer is working in my garden & setting on my backporch watching it grow. It's getting up early on Fri. morning & hitting the garage sales. It's spending time with Allison & g'kids. And hopefully, spending a little time with my good friend Katie. Good to have you back. Jan

TamboinMO said...

Looking forward to a beautiful summer if this rain will stop....at least on the weekends.
Lovely pictures of Dulcy...everyone is so happy for her, but I'm sure it will be hard not having her at work.
Hula hooped a few weeks ago...it was great!

Patti said...

Absolutely love your post! Our summer won't start until after next week (thanks to the ice storm:) but you've given me a lot to look forward to! Can't wait to relax at the lake...

Relyn said...

Your summer list sounds great to me. I'll take it! Let's add art dates, though.

dulcy said...

Summer is early morning walks with my husband, yoga, coffee, novels, lunch at sweet cafes, rug hooking with no pressure, high school reunions, gardening, cooking real food, and LOTS of movies!

Lucy said...

Such lovely pics and sweet tribute to summer :)

I just got the new Artful Blogging and loved it! Have to pick up Where Women Create! I always love to peek into how others work and create!