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April 25, 2009

*^* Butterfly Palace & 80's Day *^*

*~ Dear Friends ~*
What a FuN WeEk this one has been!
Our class took a field trip to
The Butterfly Palace!

We saw some amazing colorful and
beautiful creatures there!

* *
Then we had our 80's Day on Friday
where we saw some amazingly colorful teachers!

We dressed up to promote our

80's themed dance

that night!

It was a fun way to end the school week!

Happy Weekend!!!



For more pictures of the Butterfly Palace and 80's Day at Thomas

please visit my classroom blog - 101 Happys


MuseSwings said...

What a fun field trip! I enjoyed a hummingbird and butterfly field trip once and just loved it! The 80's day looks like great fun as well. Can you say shoulder pads?

Janet said...

The butterfly field trip sounds like such fun. And oh, boy did the memories start rolling in when I saw your 80's day pictures!!

Linda said...

What a beautiful butterfly! And what darling children. Is that what people wore in the 80's? How dreadful! I guess I was a busy young mom and didn't notice. haha

Patti said...

the butterfly and little yellow frogs don't even look real! how cool. about the 80s thing... can you say mousse?!

Anonymous said...

hey!! I wanted to let ya know I am selling my craft supplies on my blog may 4th! come check it out I just wrote about it! big hugs


Patti said...

Hi Katie~ Your field trip and dance looks like it was a lot of fun! Thank you again for being the most amazing swap partner! I can't begin to tell you how much I love everything and how much it means to me that you put so much time and effort and caring into it all! Such treaures...as YOU are too! Thanks again~

Relyn said...

Wasn't that a hoot?

Mrs. E said...

Your blog is beautiful! I love the vintage pictures! And that butterfly field trip--well, I want to go there on vacation! (Somehow, I think some of my sophomores would think I had lost it if I took them there! Ah, to be an elementary teacher!) I remember another teacher telling me (in the 80's), "One of these days the kids are going to wake up, open their closets, and realize they own a lot of ugly clothes." : ) Thanks for visiting me and leading me to your blog!